guy on a virtual team meeting
6 October 2020

Virtual Team Meetings: 10 Tips to Do it Better

6 October 2020,

Updated: 16 February 2023

With employers encouraging remote work during the pandemic, communicating and coordinating with colleagues and employees proved challenging. The viable solution was to conduct virtual team meetings such as large conference calls or web conferences. Virtual town hall meetings continue to be vital to organizations. Both small businesses and big corporations can utilize them for a number of different functions.

And so, it’s imperative that you do things right in these meetings. You need to ensure that every meeting is fruitful and productive and that it is helping your day-to-day business operations.

10  Tips For  Better Virtual Team Meetings!

Determine if the meeting is necessary. 

Ask yourself: is this meeting about something urgent? Does it involve the executives? Can it be discussed through emails instead? Are you merely giving an update about something? Consider these things the next time you think about holding a virtual meeting

advantages of operator-assisted large conference calls
22 September 2020

Advantages of Operator-Assisted Conference Calls for Large Audiences

22 September 2020,

As organizations expand to multiple geographic locations, the pressure and amount of effort needed to coordinate and implement a large event conference call build up as well. If you’d rather turn your focus on strategizing your meeting agenda or prioritizing other important tasks in your workload, allow professional operators to expertly manage your large conference calls for you. Below are some of the prime advantages of using operator-assisted conference calls for large audiences:

  1. Online registration page setup

    Instead of manually collecting information from hundreds of participants, an operator can set up an online registration page – customized with your company logo – for a more efficient and streamlined browser-based registration process, easily accessible from an email invitation, your website, or even a link that you send via a text message.

  2. Dial-out to international participants

    Ever have participants in hard-to-reach offices or locations where it’s hard to connect to the conference

Why Recording Your Large Conference Call is Very Important
15 September 2020

Why Recording Your Large Conference Call is Very Important

15 September 2020,

Large conference calls are a blessing to businesses all over the globe. What used to be an expensive meeting across the country or overseas is now an affordable option for companies with contacts in various locations. Conferencing providers offer recording features that can aid businesses in documenting key information from conference calls. Here are more reasons why recording your large conference call is very important:

Training Purposes

Newbies in any profession might feel overwhelmed with the series of new information discussed during a conference call with a high volume of participants. For new employees, recording the whole meeting can serve as a safety net until they learn by heart everything about their role and the company – its services, internal processes, goals, and what they are expected to deliver. Large event calls might be a daunting situation for newcomers (who probably have little to no familiarity with attending or conducting

overcoming communication issues with conference calls
8 September 2020

Overcoming Remote Work Communication Issues with Large Conference Calls

8 September 2020,

Working remotely is convenient on so many levels for both employers and employees. However, remote or work-at-home employees may struggle with socializing and keeping up with their colleagues. The difficulty of building rapport and creating a strong working relationship is tremendous if you do not engage with colleagues in a physical setup. The most known, effective way to communicate with your work colleagues is none other than email. It is effective for initiating discussions and relaying reminders or announcements.

The thing is, the lack of proper articulation in emails might make it confusing and ambiguous at times. There are also instances when important details may be overlooked, and not always addressed immediately. If you have company- or organization-wide concerns, hosting a large event conference call and discussing it over-the-phone is a great way of being proactive. Here’s how you can overcome remote work communication issues with large conference calls:


Common Large Conference Call Difficulties and How to Prevent Them
25 August 2020

Common Large Conference Call Difficulties and How to Prevent Them

25 August 2020,

Large-scale conference calls are harder to control than physical meetings. Since you are reading this, you have probably encountered intolerable ones yourself. Learn from your previous mistakes, or other’s, and thrive to improve the next ones you host using these tips and tricks for preventing typical large conference call difficulties:

Participants talking over each other

This is a common “sickness” with large conference calls as the high number of participants is harder to control than smaller groups. Lack of speaker coordination usually ends up in hodgepodge discussions, forming “sub-meetings” during the call.

Solution: Prevent this uncontrollable situation by automatically muting participants as they join the conference call and then using the live Q&A feature that allows participants to virtually raise their hand via a simple telephone key touch to be unmuted individually via an online live call manager.

Excessive background noise

People say “The more, the merrier” but in …

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