overcoming communication issues with conference calls
8 September 2020

Overcoming Remote Work Communication Issues with Large Conference Calls

8 September 2020,

Working remotely is convenient on so many levels for both employers and employees. However, remote or work-at-home employees may struggle with socializing and keeping up with their colleagues. The difficulty of building rapport and creating a strong working relationship is tremendous if you do not engage with colleagues in a physical setup. The most known, effective way to communicate with your work colleagues is none other than email. It is effective for initiating discussions and relaying reminders or announcements.

The thing is, the lack of proper articulation in emails might make it confusing and ambiguous at times. There are also instances when important details may be overlooked, and not always addressed immediately. If you have company- or organization-wide concerns, hosting a large event conference call and discussing it over-the-phone is a great way of being proactive. Here’s how you can overcome remote work communication issues with large conference calls:


Common Large Conference Call Difficulties and How to Prevent Them
25 August 2020

Common Large Conference Call Difficulties and How to Prevent Them

25 August 2020,

Large-scale conference calls are harder to control than physical meetings. Since you are reading this, you have probably encountered intolerable ones yourself. Learn from your previous mistakes, or other’s, and thrive to improve the next ones you host using these tips and tricks for preventing typical large conference call difficulties:

Participants talking over each other

This is a common “sickness” with large conference calls as the high number of participants is harder to control than smaller groups. Lack of speaker coordination usually ends up in hodgepodge discussions, forming “sub-meetings” during the call.

Solution: Prevent this uncontrollable situation by automatically muting participants as they join the conference call and then using the live Q&A feature that allows participants to virtually raise their hand via a simple telephone key touch to be unmuted individually via an online live call manager.

Excessive background noise

People say “The more, the merrier” but in …

5 Must-have Operator Characteristics for Large Conference Calls
11 August 2020

5 Must-have Operator Characteristics for Large Conference Calls

11 August 2020,

Having an outstanding operator is just as important as choosing the right event conference call provider for large teleconferencing needs of your organization. Large conference calls can have hundreds to thousands of attendees anywhere around the globe. This is a lot for a non-experienced host to handle on their own, which is why many organizations come to conferencing services to get the job done smoothly. Here are the must-have characteristics of a good operator for fool-proof large conference calls:…

4 August 2020

How to Get Participants to Pay Attention During Conference Calls of Large Groups

4 August 2020,

how to get participants to pay attention during large conference callsDo you know what really goes on during the large conference calls you’ve been hosting? From what you can tell, they have probably been successful. But having no visual of your audience can make your assumption limited and unreliable.

It may sound easy, but paying attention to a high-volume conference call is a real bear. It’s going to be harder to ensure your conference call’s success. Participants often get caught up with other engaging yet irrelevant activities during on-call meetings. As a matter of fact, a survey concluded that:

  • 91% of employees are admittedly daydreaming
  • 65% are doing other tasks
  • 63% are checking social media or sending emails
  • 55% are eating or making food whilst on call
  • some are even playing video games and shopping online (25% and 21% respectively)

These facts are a real eye-opener. Being vigilant for these disturbances adds more tasks to your plate. We make

21 July 2020

How to Prevent Technical Difficulties in Large Conference Calls

21 July 2020,

Holding a large conference call is the way to go if you plan to facilitate a meeting with a huge number of participants from various locations. Not only will it save you a significant amount of time and money but maximizing the features of a large conference call also lets you connect with participants from all over the place with just a press of a button. However, since large event calls typically involve hundreds to thousands of attendees, it might be too much to handle — especially if you’re a non-experienced host.

There are numerous drawbacks in holding a conference call unprepared. Aside from keeping your audience engaged, you should take the necessary precautions to avoid technical difficulties from happening as well. Here are some examples of technical difficulties that you may experience:

  • Background noises
  • Too low main speaker’s volume
  • Overlapping participant voices
  • Audio echoes
  • Speakers forgetting to unmute themselves

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