employee struggling with work from home accountability
26 May 2021

Work From Home Accountability: Handling Struggling Remote Employees

26 May 2021,

By now, everyone has most likely worked from home or is still working from home. Remote work has been the preference of many as we function through new circumstances. It’s safe, convenient, and economical. The thing is, working from home as a large group is harder said than done. With employees working on their own and not having immediate or face-to-face communication with everyone else, it will be harder to direct the team and make sure everyone is doing their parts. This is where accountability comes in. 

What is accountability in a work-from-home setup?

Work from home accountability simply refers to leaders, managers, and employees taking responsibility for their work despite the remote setup. This means they complete tasks and projects in good time and quality, stay on top of their duties, and are committed to taking part in the team’s progress and success.

For employees, accountability means completing daily …

several people on a conference call and connected in different platforms
18 April 2021

Remember These Effective Tips When Managing Conference Calls

18 April 2021,

Due to convenience and cost-effectivity, conference calls have become a daily part of every business routine. And while attending one does not demand a lot of effort from you as a participant, there are a few guidelines that can essentially help you as a participant during a conference call. Although managing conference calls does entail more responsibility on your end with a lot of planning, preparing, and organization under your care. 

But really, how can you possibly manage people that you don’t even see?

You have to consider non-verbal cues, external noises, and technical issues. It may be a bit challenging but with these best practices, your task of managing conference calls is made easier:

managing conference calls - environment check

  • Environment check

You wouldn’t appreciate going in a call where the background noise mostly drowns out the conversation, right? The same goes for your participants. Before anything else, be sure that you are situated

one person working from home and two are in the office
9 April 2021

How to Onboard and Train New Virtual Team Members or Remote Employees

9 April 2021,

When your company has an extensive, global presence, chances are you will work with employees situated in different geographical locations. At some point, you will have to work with a number of colleagues via the web or video conferences to accomplish a project or two. However, the efficiency of having virtual team members is also accompanied by the struggle of onboarding and maintaining the momentum of these employees. This is why it’s crucial to make sure that your company has an organized system when it comes to onboarding and training remote employees. A well-thought-of onboarding process will ensure that these new employees are instantly introduced to the team to make them feel comfortable and involved while they’re starting on their new professional journey with you. Expect to organize and be on a couple of virtual meetings or an onboarding conference to cater to these employees and be mindful of mistakes

19 March 2021

How to Participate in a Large Conference Call?

19 March 2021,

Holding meetings over the phone has become the norm due to the multiple benefits that come with large conference calls. With audio conferencing, a company can cut back on costs and it’s a lot easier to connect remote workers with office employees. However, there are still a huge number of employees who find it difficult to participate in a meeting or in large conference calls.

Having an experienced host does not guarantee a successful conference call. The participants must also know how to properly conduct themselves to make sure live calls go smoothly. Here are some various tips that can help make the conference a success with no interruptions in-between:

Tips on how to participate in a meeting or large calls

1. Check everything and fix any technical difficulties before the conference call. 

Having a discussion with a large group of people is difficult enough, more so, if you’re …

10 March 2021

Types of Virtual Meetings and Their Pros and Cons

10 March 2021,

Technology continues to pave the way for efficient means of communication within organizations. One of the many advancements is the way in which we conduct meetings. Organizations are slowly breaking free from the traditional face-to-face meetings because of the convenience and cost-effectiveness for more and more employees working remotely; now, many businesses are opting to utilize virtual meetings.

Virtual meetings are real-time interactions that happen or take place over the internet or via a conference call with participants from all over the globe. This allows people involved to share and exchange data and information in real-time without being physically located in one place. This, in turn, will mean lesser costs and increased productivity. Moreover, it will save employees the trouble of having to schedule board rooms, conference areas, event spaces, travel to the location, etc.

There are several types of virtual meetings depending on the agenda of a particular team. …

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