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27 September 2021

Hybrid or Blended Learning: Which One Should You Choose?

27 September 2021,

Learning was once confined to the classroom where students sat down, took notes, listened to the teacher, and completed tests. The COVID-19 pandemic and digitalization opened the door for remote learning. Many schools all around the world have implemented hybrid and blended learning as a teaching method.

What is hybrid learning?

Hybrid learning is when traditional face-to-face education is combined with offline or remote learning strategies including digital course delivery and experiential learning. The goal is to use the optimal blend of learning strategies to successfully teach the subject, meet students’ learning needs, and achieve collaboration.

The additional learning techniques are intended to supplement and lessen traditional face-to-face lectures. For example, if a class meets two days every week, a hybrid learning instructor might set one day for the in-class session and another day for a hands-on online project.

Teachers are not confined to a specific method and are

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16 September 2021

7 Tips for Facilitating a Conference Call

16 September 2021,

Facilitating a conference call is an effective method for bringing employees together regardless of their physical location. Businesses offering conference calls and virtual meetings seek to continuously improve their services to meet the ever-changing demands of their clients and further attract new ones.

Practical Tips for Facilitating a Conference Call

1. Stick to the schedule

You should consider the attendees’ locations and their time zones to come up with a schedule that works best for everyone. A lot of them may have other meetings or activities for the day, so it’s also necessary to start on time.

2. Pick a proper location

Consider the surroundings or the environment of your participants during the conference call. It would be best to temporarily seclude yourself from others to prevent technical issues or distractions and risk missing important information.

3. Seek operator assistance

It takes a lot of effort coordinating attendees for large …

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31 August 2021

5 Tips to Improve Remote Learning Experience

31 August 2021,

The abrupt shift to virtual learning has forced educational institutions to change their teaching methods. They send home paper packets, while others are guaranteeing that pupils have devices, WiFi, and consistent online courses. This event has led schools to create high-quality remote learning experiences. Here are five ways to make distance learning as effective as possible.

How to Improve Remote Learning Experience

1. Acknowledge connectivity issues

The availability of high-speed internet and digital gadgets for students is often limited. According to a recent Rutgers University-New Brunswick study, 55% of survey respondents reported that having too many people online at the same time slowed down their internet connection at home.

The faculty must recognize students’ connectivity issues and make arrangements to meet their needs for a more conducive learning environment. Keep recorded lectures for around 15 minutes so that the video files aren’t too huge to download over a slow

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19 August 2021

How Online Collaborative Learning Can Benefit Organizations

19 August 2021,

The global pandemic has forced every organization to transition its operations online. This has caused a huge rise in online collaborative learning or known as ‘online groups’ or ‘online teams.’

What does collaborative learning mean?

Collaborative learning is the process of dividing people into groups and assigning them to certain duties based on their skills. It’s a method of teaching that stresses collaboration with others to improve learning.

Online collaborative learning, on the other hand, is an educational technique that stresses collective efforts of involvement through internet communication. You can easily work together regardless of location and remove the in-person issues that come with face-to-face group sessions.

Collaborative learning allows you to check progress and intervene immediately if needed to prevent issues like members not contributing or cooperating, or the project getting sidetracked or delayed. 

Advantages of online collaborative learning

1. Convenience in setting up meetings

Online collaboration allows you

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23 July 2021

8 Challenges of WFA and How to Solve Them

23 July 2021,

Working from anywhere (WFA) is becoming a widely accepted practice across the world. Despite on-site work being safe again, many are looking to remote work as the future of business. In fact, many will respond to “What does WFA mean?” by saying it’s the answer not just to the pandemic but to the everyday struggles of working as a whole. 

But in reality, you can’t answer that question well without recognizing that there are struggles behind that, too. WFA can be a dream come true if you can meet those challenges. To help you fully enjoy WFA, here are 8 challenges of WFA you need to know and how you can solve them.

1. Good working environment

Outside a proper office, you may have a hard time looking for a place where you can do your work properly. Safety is also an important factor in choosing a workplace.


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