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2 June 2022

5 Personalities You’ll Meet in a Conference Call and How to Manage Them

2 June 2022,

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Although essential in a remote or hybrid work setup, large remote meetings can be tricky, even more so when you’re dealing with multiple people with different personalities. As a result, you might not have the best and most efficient call. If you don’t know how to facilitate an event conference call properly, then you won’t be able to create an impact. You need to be aware of these kinds of personalities and be prepared to handle any possibility that may occur.

Different Personalities That Can Disrupt Your Meeting

  • The Wallflower – The wallflower personality is easy to spot. These are the introverted participants who are quiet and keep to themselves. They can sometimes be perceived as rude or inattentive when, in fact, they listen to everything every speaker has to say. They have great insights, but it can definitely be harder to

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11 October 2021

Remote Work Challenges and How to Overcome Them

11 October 2021,

Remote working has become the norm as many organizations around the world adapt to the new normal. However, it can be challenging especially for a company with no experience in handling the remote working setup. Employers may find themselves unable to cope with varying remote work challenges.

Typical remote work challenges

Although remote working offers a lot of advantages, multiple organizations still experience difficulties in managing it effectively. Various challenges come with this work setup which can discourage employers. Here are some of them:

1. Lack of communication with remote employees

Unlike their co-workers who work at the office, remote employees are tougher to manage due to their flexible hours and difference in time zones. Therefore, the lack of communication is unavoidable. As a result, miscommunication occurs and they end up feeling isolated from their fellow employees.

2. Difficulty in connecting with other team members

A remote work setup …

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4 October 2021

6 Productivity Tips for Small Businesses

4 October 2021,

Running a small business means you have to juggle a lot of tasks, especially when you want your small business to grow and to be successful. The problem is, oftentimes, you don’t know how to increase productivity or you don’t know the right tools to use. As a result, you’re not able to accomplish as much as you would have liked. You need to reassess your business and your employees and figure out ways you can be more productive.

How to boost productivity for small businesses?

1. Utilize large conference calls

It’s a great idea to utilize large conference calls even in small businesses. You can host a large conference call with your employees, partners, investors, and clients. Large conference calls can break geographical barriers and allow you to reach out to important people even though they’re not in the same city, state, or country as you are. As a …

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27 September 2021

Hybrid or Blended Learning: Which One Should You Choose?

27 September 2021,

Learning was once confined to the classroom where students sat down, took notes, listened to the teacher, and completed tests. The COVID-19 pandemic and digitalization opened the door for remote learning. Many schools all around the world have implemented hybrid and blended learning as a teaching method.

What is hybrid learning?

Hybrid learning is when traditional face-to-face education is combined with offline or remote learning strategies including digital course delivery and experiential learning. The goal is to use the optimal blend of learning strategies to successfully teach the subject, meet students’ learning needs, and achieve collaboration.

The additional learning techniques are intended to supplement and lessen traditional face-to-face lectures. For example, if a class meets two days every week, a hybrid learning instructor might set one day for the in-class session and another day for a hands-on online project.

Teachers are not confined to a specific method and are

employees having a virtual conference
16 September 2021

7 Tips for Facilitating a Conference Call

16 September 2021,

Facilitating a conference call is an effective method for bringing employees together regardless of their physical location. Businesses offering conference calls and virtual meetings seek to continuously improve their services to meet the ever-changing demands of their clients and further attract new ones.

Practical Tips for Facilitating a Conference Call

1. Stick to the schedule

You should consider the attendees’ locations and their time zones to come up with a schedule that works best for everyone. A lot of them may have other meetings or activities for the day, so it’s also necessary to start on time.

2. Pick a proper location

Consider the surroundings or the environment of your participants during the conference call. It would be best to temporarily seclude yourself from others to prevent technical issues or distractions and risk missing important information.

3. Seek operator assistance

It takes a lot of effort coordinating attendees for large …

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