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26 October 2022
26 October 2022,

Quick and efficient. That’s what we always strive for when it comes to conference calls and virtual meetings. However, most teams–businesses and organizations–often don’t have the proper skill or knowledge to run big or critical meetings. Precision and expertise are needed to host conference calls like those. An alternative solution would be to get a live operator.

A live operator can help you organize and manage your business’s daily or weekly conference calls. Not only do they have the proper training, but they uphold a level of professionalism that is necessary for important calls. Here are several reasons why you need operator-assisted conferencing for your business: 


More Control Over Participants

One of the most significant advantages of having operator assistance for your conferencing is gaining more control over the participants. There’s no easy way of monitoring your participant list once the meeting commences. Too many things are happening for you to take note of everything: -people joining or leaving the conference, participants trying to ask questions, or people having mini conversations while others are engaged in the meeting. 

Your operators can save you the hassle of controlling your participants. They can make a list of necessary participants, approve those who want to join, and dial out to those who are not yet connected to the call. During the call, the operators monitor the participants for you, and ensure that everyone is accounted for. They can also round up the participants for you at the end of the session, so that they can ask any questions or clarifications.   

Premium Q&A and Engagement

Another advantage of operator-assisted conferencing is the premium features to help facilitate Q&A and engagement. Live operators can collect questions throughout the meeting and then have the ability to unmute the lines of participants so they can ask their questions at the Q&A portion. They can also put up various polls and surveys for the audience, moderate the chat, and more. At the end of the meeting, you can expect all questions, engagement polls, or surveys to be included in a report if needed. 

Improved Protection and Security 

Having live operators moderate your conference calls also improves your protection and security. In our world today, where internet scams and data leaks are prominent, you need to ensure that you have secure conferencing. Professional operators can put security measures in place, and verify participant lists. They can even lock conference calls so that no one else may enter. These can change how your conference calls and virtual meetings work and strengthen your security. This is an important factor, especially when dealing with financial calls, earnings calls, stakeholder meetings, etc.

Flexibility and Accessibility

You also have the chance to be more flexible and accessible with the help of operator assistance. Some operator-assisted conference call services offer transcription services, documentation and reporting, and record and replay. These are things you’ll want to take advantage of for your business. Transcriptions and recordings make your meetings accessible to all your employees. Meanwhile, documentation and reporting make it easier for you to recall decisions and action steps, as well as take feedback and comments. 

Custom Greetings

Customized greetings are another reason you should have live operators on a call. Every time a participant joins the meeting, they’ll be able to greet them and recite a short personalized greeting. This greeting is tailored for that specific call or for your business in general. This can help with brand identity, customer retention, and even employee loyalty. 

Large Conference Calls With High Volume Attendance

Hosting conference calls with high-volume participants is easy with operator assistance. Conferencing services, like Large Conference Call, can provide professional operators who will be with you every step of the way – from registration and the dial-out responsibilities before the call to the Q&A moderation, the recording of the meeting, and more. They can make your life easier and make every virtual meeting much more efficient. Take advantage of operator-assisted conferencing along with your top-notch conferencing features now!

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