Why Recording Your Large Conference Call is Very Important
15 September 2020
15 September 2020,

Large conference calls are a blessing to businesses all over the globe. What used to be an expensive meeting across the country or overseas is now an affordable option for companies with contacts in various locations. Conferencing providers offer recording features that can aid businesses in documenting key information from conference calls. Here are more reasons why recording your large conference call is very important:

Training Purposes

Newbies in any profession might feel overwhelmed with the series of new information discussed during a conference call with a high volume of participants. For new employees, recording the whole meeting can serve as a safety net until they learn by heart everything about their role and the company – its services, internal processes, goals, and what they are expected to deliver. Large event calls might be a daunting situation for newcomers (who probably have little to no familiarity with attending or conducting a large conference call) since on company conference calls they might find themselves being fed with complex information faster than they can swallow. This is when a recording becomes heaven sent. It helps avoid information overload. It enables them to easily come back to the recording for complex topics or issues discussed and ask for necessary clarifications. If a superior assigns an intricate task, having a recording available will be handy in remembering the critical details.

A form of note-taking

A large conference call contains so many speakers that you’re snowed undertaking notes. Note-taking keeps people’s focus and attention away, preventing them from contributing to the discussion. It also does not always guarantee that every important detail has been accurately taken note of. Try recording the entire conference call rather than rushing to scribble down notes. You will not need to write everything down anymore; you can just choose to list the crucial parts of the topic so you can refer back to the recording to review. It also eliminates the possibility of having missing details or errors that might lead to misunderstanding.

Keeping colleagues in the loop

Because of the immense number of participants in large conference calls, some people’s schedules are not always going to meet everyone else’s. We all have that one colleague – or sometimes more – who will be unable to join the call. May it be due to other work priorities, emergencies, or even vacation – a recording becomes handy in these situations. You will wish you had recorded it if you hadn’t. Sending absent attendees a copy of the audio, and them actually listening to it, will be like they’ve been there the whole time. Recording that very important large conference call ensures that you keep your colleagues in the loop with critical business updates and agreements.


It is important to have a comprehensive basis at hand for developing written documentations. You can either listen back to the recording or you can have it audio transcribed to get every bit of information available in print. A transcription of the conference call allows for archiving each meeting for quick and easy access.

The importance of recording large conference calls also extends to meeting legal requirements. For instance, a recording may supply as incontrovertible proof of a verbal agreement made by participants during the conference call. This may be evidence that you are complying with regulatory bodies and their guidelines as well. Accumulation of these recordings can then make up an archive.

Recording and Replay

Civicom’s large event call service has a Recording and Replay feature where you can playback your large conference call anytime, available 24 hours/day. The recording will be stored digitally which can be readily accessed via an instant replay dial-in line. Controlling this feature is also made easy with telephone keypad replay functions – pause, fast-forward, and rewind – and protected with confidential access codes.


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