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9 September 2022
9 September 2022,

Conferencing has made such an impact in our world today. Where most of us are staying safe working from home or in a hybrid setup, we have found refuge in various conference call services. They allow us to connect and engage and continue to do our jobs in a meaningful and purposeful way–whether it be one-on-one meetings or large conference calls

The problem is, with the surge of various conference call services, there’s no easy way to know if you are using the best one. And you’ll need the best conferencing service if you want to be efficient and effective, despite the challenges in our current world. You need to choose the best conferencing solution for you and your team. 


Conference Call Features and Services For You

To choose the best conference call service, you need to take a look at its features. What can they offer to you and your team? How can they solve your woes with remote meetings? How can they contribute to employee productivity in a remote workplace? Here is a quick rundown of some of the most popular conferencing features used in large conference calls and the top services that offer them (Google Meet, Zoom Meetings, PGI, Intrado, and Large Conference Call): 


Features Large Conference Call Google Meet Zoom PGI Intrado
Operator Assistance
Dial-out capabilities
Video Streaming
Screen sharing
Host Pins
Unique Passkeys
Sub- conferences or breakout rooms
Cloud-based calling and communication
Polling, Q&A, etc
Chat function
Custom Greeting
Meeting transcription
Participant limit  Up to 5,000 participants and more Up to 500 participants Up to 300 participants Up to 10,000 Viewers .


Questions to Help You Decide on a Service for Large Conference Calls

Undoubtedly, deciding on one conference call service for your next remote meetings will not be easy. These services boast a wide array of features, each having its specialties. You need to break it down further, determine your pain points and priorities, and choose the best one for you. Here are several questions that will help you decide on a conferencing service.


  • Do you need a video to go along with your meeting?

    Is video conferencing your priority, or is an audio conference call your best option? If your preference is only audio conferencing, you might not need video streaming. You can save money and skip the complicated connection process. 

  • Do you need operator assistance?

    Operator assistance can level up how you host conference calls, especially regarding financial calls. Secure operator-assisted calls have various services that can elevate your meeting experience. This is the same for regular daily or monthly meetings and highly confidential calls within your company or organization. Check if operator assistance is necessary for you and your team and which services offer incredible operator assistance. 

  • Do you need transcripts?

    Transcripts not only provide accessibility but it’s also a form of documentation. It’s no wonder that conferencing transcripts can be a significant deciding factor for many teams nowadays. See if the service can provide you with transcripts or if you need to pay extra. Do you need to upgrade to a different plan? Do you need to download elaborate programs or extensions that can compromise privacy? Make sure to take note of these things.

  • Do you need a service that can handle a lot of participants?

    Will you be hosting a conference with a large number of participants? Will you be doing this regularly? If so, you’ll need a conferencing service that can support large remote meetings. You also need to check that they have helpful features that work well with high-volume participants. 


Get Affordable Conferencing Solution for Large Meetings Now

Large Conference Call offers affordable conferencing solutions for large audiences. You don’t need to worry about breaking the bank or not having enough capacity for your meetings. Large Conference Call is here to help you host conference calls with confidence. Take advantage of professional operator assistance, dial-out capabilities, extra security measures, custom branding, participant count, meeting recording, and more.


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