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6 October 2020
6 October 2020,

With the recent COVID-19 threat to the workforce, it’s getting harder and harder to communicate and coordinate with our colleagues and employees. Now that remote working is being encouraged, the solution lies in virtual team meetings such as large conference calls or web conferences. Virtual town hall meetings and more are necessary now more than ever. Both small businesses and big corporations can utilize them to function amidst a pandemic.

And so, it’s imperative that you do things right in these conference meetings. You need to make sure that every meeting is fruitful, not unproductive, and is helping your business operate on the daily. Here are tips for a better virtual meeting!

Determine if the meeting is really necessary. 

First of all, you have to be sure that the meeting is actually necessary. Ask yourself some questions that will help you determine the necessity of the meeting. You can ask yourself, is it about something urgent? Does it involve the executives? Can it be discussed through emails instead? Are you merely giving an update about something? Consider these things the next time you think about holding a virtual meeting

Be precise on the participant list. 

Not every meeting has to include all your employees. If your participant list is full of people who don’t actually have direct involvement with the topic or issue at hand, it’s best to leave them out of the meeting. It will be inefficient to have unnecessary participants for the meeting. 

Make sure you have the conferencing service

You have to be confident that your large conference call service for virtual team meetings is equipped with the right conferencing solutions. If your company is a big corporation, you’re going to need a conferencing service that can handle audiences even up to thousands. International access is also a great feature if you have remote workers across the globe. Whatever it is, be sure that they can assist you in your meetings. 

Focus on what’s important.

Virtual meetings can easily divert from one topic to another. This will lead to disorganized discussion and can prevent you from coming up with the right decisions. Of course, an agenda sent beforehand can help everyone stay on track. The listed items will be the highlights and points to be discussed and distractions can be avoided. Having a facilitator or a moderator all throughout the meeting is also encouraged. 

Share and collaborate.

Don’t let one person take up all the time and space of the meeting. Encourage others to speak up and provide insights, ask for updates, ask if they have any issues or concerns. This way you’re sharing and collaborating wholly. More ideas can be presented to the meeting, and any issues can be considered and discussed. 

Assign different notetakers every meeting.

Different notetakers every time can also help improve the way you do your meetings. With different people assigned to take notes every meeting, everyone can have a chance to get accustomed to notetaking and the creation of the meeting minutes. You can also assign more than one notetaker for a long and extensive meeting so that they won’t tire easily. 

Come up with the next steps. 

Don’t let your meetings end without any clear steps or actions. Make sure that every item on your agenda has a corresponding action decided by the team, and that every issue or concern has a solution. If you don’t have any next steps at the end of the meeting, then it could be a sign that you didn’t achieve your purpose and your meeting was unproductive. 

Keep it short. 

It’s best to keep these conference calls or web conferences short so as to not disrupt the daily routine and workflow of your employees. Meetings that are too long can be quite ineffective and can distract your employees from what they do best. Keep it short and straight to the point. 


To make sure that your virtual town hall meeting is as smooth and effective, here are a couple more simple things you can do:

  • Do some quick ice breakers 
  • Take time to celebrate achievements and acknowledge hard work
  • Do a simple tech check
  • Share your screen or other necessary media to the team
  • Record your virtual town hall meeting, for documentation and/or distribution

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