30 January 2018
30 January 2018,

It can be really challenging to host a large conference call. For regular conference calls, the optimal size of attendees is only around 3 to 6 people in total. This number of people in a call is easy to manage, interact with, and you also have flexibility in terms of getting your message across. For large event calls, however, it is very important that they are planned and moderated very well. Dealing with thousands of people can only be successful with proper planning and careful, organized execution.

First is requiring participants to register via an online registration page. Having this element will help you manage participant attendance – from identification to tracking their participation in your large conference call. The registration page can be set up so that it bears your organization’s brand. It can also be easily sent and accessed through email invitation or a webpage link. For each participant who registers online, you can opt to receive a daily, weekly, or a transactional notification.

Another is having a tool for dialing out to multiple people. A Dial Out tool would be extremely useful for reaching out to multiple attendees without having to punch in each of their phone numbers manually. This makes it possible to get to more people easier and quicker, enabling you to attend to more pressing matters for your large conference call.

Another important step to take is to send out the agenda in advance, along with other supporting materials like handouts or visuals. These materials would be helpful in explaining to attendees what they would be looking forward to and would need to hear in the upcoming large conference call. It would better illustrate the topic at hand and may contribute to attendee engagement and retention. Before the conference proper, go through your agenda and practice how you would address your hundreds of attendees.

Just as well, it would be helpful to have a visual call monitoring tool in front of you displaying the number of attendees present. Even in conference calls with a large volume of attendees, it is still as important to have the tools to mute unnecessary noise, move attendees into breakout rooms, or simply just to see who the attendees are to be able to address them in the conference.

Find these tips handy? We published a handy guide for conducting effective large conference calls that you can read here.

These are just some tips that you can use for a more productive large conference call. If you’re planning on hosting a large conference call, you can call us at 888-930-4055 and we’d be happy to help!


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