Time Management Tips for Remote Workers
12 June 2020
12 June 2020,

Time is harder to manage when working from home. There are a lot of distractions, there is pressure in doing and finishing tasks, virtual meetings can get difficult and ineffective—all these things can affect your remote working situation. What you need now is to manage your time wisely so that you can work properly even when you’re not in a professional environment. Here are some time management tips you can use while working from home:


Stay away from personal tasks 

Working at home can easily be distracting. House chores and personal tasks can take your focus and attention away from your professional work hours. It would help to separate work hours from personal hours so you can focus on your work in momentum. When you have dedicated work hours, avoid doing personal tasks no matter how small or simple they are unless it’s super urgent.


Make a list

Making a to-do list can help you set your goals and stay focused on your work. List down the tasks you hope to accomplish for the day and keep track of your progress or achievements in your lists. Keep at it all throughout the day and this should help you manage your time while working remotely. 


Know what to prioritize

It’s also best if you know what to prioritize and you’re applying it to the way you work daily. Once you’ve classified your tasks and figured out just what to prioritize, you’ll have a better chance of managing your time and fewer chances of going all over the place. 


Use an effective large conference call service for meetings

Most of the time, meetings can take up too much time. Virtual meetings are no different. You’re going to need an effective large conference call service to help you manage working from home, specifically when it comes to meeting large groups of people. With a conference calling service that can handle high volume calls, you’ll have no trouble holding a meeting with everyone involved in your project in one go. Top-notch features will also keep meetings smooth for everyone. 


Schedule your downtime

You also need a proper break when it comes to working remotely. Instead of taking small breaks here and there (which can ruin your focus and motivation), you can just schedule a specific downtime every workday. It could be your lunchtime or an hour in the afternoon where you unwind and recharge for a bit before going back to work. Downtimes are important as they keep you energized and motivated for the rest of the day. Here are 6 tips for your work-from-home schedule.


Make time to socialize

Socializing is also recommended for remote workers. When you socialize with your colleagues, you’ll have more chance to stay up to date with office news and updates, while also building a strong relationship with them. Utilize online chats, collaborative messaging tools, video chats, and more. 


Manage your calendar

It also helps if you’re proactively managing your online calendar. Set up meetings, take note of tasks, Input projects and their deadlines, indicate if you’re busy, or away for vacation, and more. This will help you manage your time and your tasks one by one. Not only that, but it will also help others see your schedule and avoid setting up meetings or tasks when you’re preoccupied with something else. 


Avoid multitasking

Oftentimes multitasking doesn’t actually help you finish tasks. Instead, your focus is divided and you’re not able to put your 100% in each task or project. Avoid multitasking as much as you can. Try to focus on one thing at a time, pour your efforts and undivided attention to it, and be more productive as you can. 

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