11 September 2017
11 September 2017,

When you think large scale event, the first thing that comes to mind is the challenge of handling a huge volume of people coming together. Much like in real life, an important item that you have on your checklist is ensuring the event is secure especially when it’s high profile.

This is why when you choose a large event conferencing service, you should check the kind of security measures they have in place, considering if it’s a strategic, confidential, or information-sensitive call, as there is a heightened need for security as the volume of attendees goes up.

Typical conferencing services use passcodes that can be shared across the organization for long term use. But these permanent, shareable passcodes are not as secure as you think, which is why unique passkeys are a must for high volume calls. On top of that, a secure large conference call service should offer an option for semi-permanent, permanent, or single-event passkeys that can be retired after a limited number of use. With a single-event issued PIN unique to a specified call for each participant, there is less risk for eavesdropping or unwelcome guests. For members of the organization who might have a lot of scheduled calls on their plate, a passkey per call can also lessen the risk of calling in to the wrong meeting. Unique passkey assignments ensure that only the indicated number of invitees shows up and your call proceeds without intrusion.

Another added security measure is the ability to monitor the attendees and they dial into the conference and continue monitoring during the live call. You should choose a conferencing service with an online platform that can show a list of the participants on the call, where you can make sure that only the invited participant is using their assigned passkey. There should also be an option for a host pin that can be setup for your large event call. When a host pin is set, participants will remain on hold until the host keys in the PIN, and only then can the conference call begin. This will allow hosts or moderators to do some prior checking beforehand.

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