Connect a network of research or learning institutions across different states or regions all over the world. Expand your reach with our global conferencing capability and foster collaboration and accessibility among students, faculty, and administrative personnel. With a Civicom account, large organizations with independent colleges or research departments have the option to pay their own bills while a central department is given an overview of the entire organization’s activity.


Use Large Conference Call solutions to keep clients, partners, and other constituents up-to-date on critical organization decisions or internal movement.

Most, if not all, of our clients hold quarterly and annual meetings — remotely — with a board of directors, board of advisors or shareholders. The audio conference call is a mainstay of these meetings. The phone conference call is often supplemented with a report on quarterly or annual results which is shown to everyone using a web conferencing tool. Our solution also enables you to share a presentation or a report and even share your screen for real-time showcase.

Quarterly and annual earnings conference calls are an integral part of communicating financial results with stakeholders in an interactive way. This discipline can be applied to all organizations — public and private. Large Conference Call caters to all kinds of large firms all over the world. Custom branded greetings add gravitas to your event calls and help you make a lasting, professional first impression to prospects and stakeholders. Host PINs and unique passkeys are given to participants to avoid unwanted guests and ensure a secure conferencing experience.

For a small or medium-sized organization, board meetings can be as much for you as they are for your board. When done properly, they will serve as a mechanism that forces you to (a) step back periodically and rationally assess your direction and goals, and (b) be disciplined about setting and tracking progress against goals and/or important milestones.


Increase engagement and maintain a consistent line of communication across all departments in your organization using large conferencing. Our telephone and web conferencing solutions are optimized for large group use, which makes it cost-effective in enabling human resources, operations, and consulting firms to train teams, build awareness, and cultivate collaboration within the organization without the expense of time consumption and extra effort that can be spent on something more important. Large Conference Call provides secure and international conferencing features for cross-departmental staff or remote workforces wherever they are in the world. Large organizations also have the capability to streamline and monitor conferencing usage through a centralized overview of sub-accounts that can be created for each team as necessary.


Establish your organization as a high-value adding brand that signals excellence in service and reputation. Professionally branded greetings, 24/7 availability to clients anywhere in the world, and high capacity conferencing make the Large Conference Call platform ideal for generating new business as well as loyalty retention. You can reach a large number of people without the unnecessary time-consuming activities and expensive travel costs. Additionally, our accounting systems offer flexibility in capturing call charges so, if appropriate, they can be passed on to the client with minimal effort on your end.


Often, as a non-profit, your board of trustees or task force consists of volunteers who don't have time or expense to travel to your meeting but would be happy to join a conference from their home or workplace. Unless you make it possible for them to be part of the meeting remotely, you might lose out on their valued guidance and the accountability they bring to your process. Our large conferencing services enable you to make the most out of your limited resources.

These solutions are designed to be simple, intuitive systems that require minimal work on your end - freeing up more hours that you can use to finish up more urgent matters at hand, connect more people, and provide better value as an organization.