24 August 2018
24 August 2018,

moderator roles for large event calls

A moderator has a very important role to play in terms of ensuring a large conference call’s success. Often, this consists of herding up to thousands of participants that can be daunting for beginner moderators. Take note of the following essential roles of a moderator and you will be on track towards large conference call success:


  1. Find a reliable, cost-effective large conferencing service provider that enables you to meet your communication goals. Learn all the features and functions so you can seamlessly navigate the service and maximize its potential without delays.
  2. Coordinate with speakers for the meeting agenda and time allotment.
  3. Collect the participants’ names, affiliations, and other necessary information – either as each participant joins the conference or with a registration system that the conferencing service provides.
  4. Arrange the schedule (date and time) of your large event call. Send out email invitations, reminders, and detailed instructions on how to dial into the call. Let people know about easy dial-in features that your provider offers (i.e. Mobile 1-Tap).
  5. Ask the speakers how they want to be introduced and clear out possible pronunciation questions.

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  1. Quickly remind attendees of conference call etiquette.
  2. Introduce the presenters or speakers after every transition. Giving a introductory context about the next topic also gives a useful touch. You should also keep them on track with the time and agenda to be fair to the next speaker/s.
  3. Record the whole call to capture every bit of information for future review or to provide to people that were unable to attend.
  4. Stay on your toes for possible technical glitches during the call and be ready with the solutions at hand.
  5. Allot time for a Q&A session after every speaker or at the end of the call.
  6. Finally, provide closing remarks and thank everyone for attending the meeting.
  7. Make sure to end the call to disconnect all participants and stop recording.


  1. Procure the meeting attendance list or have your large conference call service provide it for you.
  2. Provide everyone with the playback number of the recording for documentation and note taking purposes; or get the conference call transcribed and provide a meeting summary to all participants.


The best solution would be to opt for a worry-free large conference call from start to finish using an operator-assisted conference service. Our professional operators will give you a tailored concierge service that can surely handle the most challenging large-scale conference calls needing flexibility and high touch coordination.

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