1 June 2018
1 June 2018,

Working remotely is convenient in so many levels for both employers and employees. However, remote or work-at-home employees may struggle with socializing and keeping up with their colleagues. The difficulty of building rapport and creating a strong working relationship is tremendous if you do not engage with colleagues in a physical setup.

The most known, effective way to communicate with your work colleagues is none other than email. It is effective for initiating discussions and relaying reminders or announcements, but the lack of proper articulation might make it confusing and ambiguous at times. There are also instances when important details may be overlooked, and not always addressed immediately. If you have company- or organization-wide concerns, hosting an event conference call and discussing it over-the-phone is a great way of being proactive – clearing things up before someone wastes time executing a misunderstood instruction.

Communicating with a large group through calls is a great way for you to report your contribution to the company. This way, you could also quickly address your concerns in general with people who haven’t gotten the time to respond to your emails yet.

If you are a manager who oversees people all over the globe, large event conferencing is the ultimate communication tool to use in your advantage. Not only that you’d be able to seamlessly bring hundreds up to thousands of people together, you would also have virtual presentation capabilities for a variety of business meeting purposes.

How about building rapport? You can use the first few minutes of the call to ask how people have been doing and make small talks about hobbies and interests, discovering more and more common ground every call.

In order to pull off large conferences, you must find a topnotch large conference call service with best-in-class features that can guarantee successful meetings. Imperative features include an easy and seamless call-in process, unique passkeys and dial-out capabilities for security, recording and replay for note taking purposes, web presentation platform, and registration/attendance reporting for tracking purposes among many others.

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