advantages of operator-assisted large conference calls
22 September 2020
22 September 2020,

As organizations expand to multiple geographic locations, the pressure and amount of effort needed to coordinate and implement a large event conference call build up as well. If you’d rather turn your focus on strategizing your meeting agenda or prioritizing other important tasks in your workload, allow professional operators to expertly manage your large conference calls for you. Below are some of the prime advantages of using operator-assisted conference calls for large audiences:

  1. Online registration page setup

    Instead of manually collecting information from hundreds of participants, an operator can set up an online registration page – customized with your company logo – for a more efficient and streamlined browser-based registration process, easily accessible from an email invitation, your website, or even a link that you send via a text message.

  2. Dial-out to international participants

    Ever have participants in hard-to-reach offices or locations where it’s hard to connect to the conference line? Expert operators can easily solve this communication strain by dialing out to international participants and directly bringing them into the conference.

  3. Verify dial-in participants

    All participants who join the call by dialing in the conference are verified by the operator using the registration list generated from the online registration page, or a participant master list provided by the coordinator. This secures the confidentiality of your meeting and avoids uninvited guests from getting into the call.

  4. Manage surveys, polling, and Q&A

    Operators can take extra tasks off your list, like managing and conducting surveys, polls, and Q&As before or after your large-audience conference call. Conferencing platforms are often capable of generating results instantly too, which you can easily review in a call summary email sent to you by the operator.

  5. Record the discussion

    Recording your large conference call is quite important. You can easily record your meeting with a simple press of a button. However, with all the things you’re doing at once while moderating the discussion, recording the call might easily slip off your mind. It would be a shame if it does! Make sure you got all the information you need by letting your operator record the call for you. What’s great is they can immediately email you the recording link after the meeting for future reference.

  6. Concierge services

    Some large conference call providers are dedicated to go the extra mile to provide the best customer experience. Why not maximize their services? Host a professional, polished event conference call by having your operator smoothly open the call and introduce speakers, presenters, and high-profile participants. You can also schedule a speaker training, call rehearsal, and pre-conference coordination as needed.


If running regular event conference calls for a large number of participants ever becomes too much to handle on your own, keep in mind that you can lessen the weight on your shoulders by opting for an operator-assisted event conference call service.

To learn more about operator-assisted conference calling, contact us at +1-888-930-4055 and our experienced conferencing consultants would be more than delighted to be of assistance.

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