Most Common Types of Business Meetings
21 October 2020
21 October 2020,

For your business to function like a well-oiled machine, you need effective communication. This is the reason why meetings are crucial to your success. Even more so nowadays when most of the workforce is holding business meetings through conference calls and other virtual means. It will be wise to familiarize yourself with the different types of meetings in business communication and know how you can conduct it better.

Here are the most common types of business meetings


Status Update Meeting

Status update meetings are perhaps the most common and the most familiar among businesses, whether it be big or small. This kind of business meeting is usually formal and serious. This is where you discuss the current status or updates of projects to make sure everyone is aware of what to do moving forward. Concerns or issues regarding projects or tasks are also brought forward in a meeting like this so that you have a chance to come up with necessary decisions. 

Decision-making Meeting

Like status update meetings, decision-making meetings are important aspects of the main business operation. But unlike status update meetings, decision-making meetings only have one goalto come up with a solution for the matter at hand. Managers and executives are usually the ones involved in meetings like this. They go through careful discussions to come up with the best solution for the team and for the business. 

Brainstorming Session

This is perhaps the most engaging and expressive kind of business meeting. The goal of a brainstorming session is to come up with solutions, share new ideas, innovate, and more. Unlike other formal business meetings, this one is more casual. This business meeting allows the team to be creative so that you can brainstorm new ideas and suggestions for a new project, a small conflict, or your daily workflow.

Training Meeting

Training meetings are popular when there are new employees or there’s a new procedure in the office. Training meetings usually involve a lot of presentations, examples, or illustrations. Unlike others, this kind of meeting is usually one-way. A speaker will be presenting at the front, teaching and training the audience about a specific topic. These are incredibly helpful and are a must especially when welcoming new people into the business. 


3 tips to better conduct business meetings

Business meetings are undoubtedly significant. The problem is making sure every single meeting is purposeful. You need to be wiser on how you conduct your meetings, especially now that most of these are being done virtually. Here are three simple tips that will help you conduct business meetings better. 

Set your goals

Goals are important when it comes to any business meeting. So before anything else, take the time to form an agenda that will entail everything you need to do or talk about in your meeting.  Creating an effective conference call agenda will guide you and your team towards an organized and fruitful meeting.

Make sure you know the next steps

Don’t end your meeting without knowing the next steps. If you’re in a status update meeting, make sure everybody knows their tasks and the next course of action. Or if you’re in a decision-making meeting, there should be concrete plans or conclusions. Without the next steps, your meeting might not have been as worthwhile as you hoped it would. 

Get a reliable large conference call service

And of course, a trustworthy large conference call service will help your business meeting function smoothly. You need a conference call service that can handle a large volume of participants, has valuable conferencing features, provides online support, and is cost-effective. All these factors can help you make sure that your business meetings are productive every time. 

And if you want to make sure all your virtual team meetings are rewarding, it’s best to know these tips on how you can do it better.

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