18 October 2017
18 October 2017,

We’ve talked about how you can determine if your conferencing service can really handle large event conference calls, keeping in mind the most important feature being that the service platform should not get overwhelmed by the high volume of users dialing in. The service should not be slowed down and the quality of the event call should still be as excellent as a regular conference call despite the high number of attendees. Another necessary feature is that they should offer enough capable specialist support for attendee-monitoring requirements and most importantly be able to provide participant detailed reports.

After-event capabilities

Usually, after a webinar or a conference call, the hosts or moderators would get the participant details in a report from the conference call service provider. The report could include the names, phone numbers, emails, mailing addresses, company names, and even affiliations – all of which would be useful for generating leads or reports that can be leveraged for sales, marketing, or other organizational event purposes.

This is another feature that sets apart a large conferencing provider from a regular service provider: a double to triple-digit number of participant data can be easily managed, but it’s going to be a challenge when the volume of participants reaches the thousands.

An event conferencing service for large groups should be able to handle high volumes of this kind of data effectively. While gathering participant data could seem simple, when dealing with large number of callers a reliable conferencing provider should have an organized system of dealing with thousands of details, and not just provide automated, unfiltered, and disorganized rows of details that would take hours of sifting through and organizing. The provider should also be flexible in that you can get only the information you need, neatly packed and presented after the main event.

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