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17 January 2020
17 January 2020,

Remote working is beneficial for a number of reasons. It helps businesses and employees save money and time, allows you to be flexible, and more. The main problem is keeping remote workers engaged, with their work and with their co-workers or their superiors. Since they’re not working in an office, it will be tougher to keep them active and in the game.


Fortunately, there are several effective ways to keep remote workers engaged. Here are some of them:

Utilize virtual meetings

Virtual meetings are ideal for remote workers, whether they be large conference calls or video conferences. They’ll be able to meet in the comforts of their own homes or remote workplaces and interact as if they’re meeting in person. This can help everybody better organize tasks, give updates on various projects, raise concerns, and more. As a result, these virtual meetings can also help increase the productivity of remote employees


Offer perks and rewards

Just because your employees don’t work together in one vicinity does not mean you can’t offer them perks and rewards anymore. Some of the usual perks or rewards are gym memberships, free lunches and/or snacks, shuttle service, and more. As an alternative, you can offer your remote workers gym membership reimbursement, home office stipend, and even professional growth and development opportunities.


Host get-togethers

Hosting get-togethers once in a while is also an exciting way to keep remote workers engaged. In these in-person gatherings, remote workers have the chance to finally see each other, interact, and get to know their colleagues and superiors better. This is also a great way to establish harmony among remote workers and get rid of any uneasiness. 


Use online productivity tools

Online productivity tools can help remote workers function better. These tools bring efficiency, order, and unity among workers and their work. There are tools for time management, messaging, file sharing and organization, project management, and more. Make sure that your remote employees are equipped with these essential tools so that they are involved and motivated to work.


Give recognition and express appreciation

Recognition, credit, appreciation—these are things that encourage employees. It also happens that these things are even more significant when it comes to remote workers. Remote workers are often neglected, and it doesn’t help that some people still disregard the value of remote working.

As the CEO or as a manager, give recognition and express your appreciation regularly to your remote workers. These can inspire them to do better or fuel them to continue doing great.


Establish a chat system

Instant communication is a priority when working remotely, so you need to make sure that your remote workers have an excellent chat system. It’s also important that you encourage them to stick to the chat system. If remote workers use numerous methods of communication (chat, video calls, texts) simultaneously, that will not keep them engaged, and will most likely disrupt and delay their work instead.


Encourage water cooler conversations

Water cooler conversations are non-work-related conversations that take place when employees take a break. This can and should happen even with remote working. Water cooler chats can help remote workers to rest their minds as they talk about themselves and get to know their co-workers. 


Keeping your remote workers engaged is just as vital as keeping office employees engaged, if not more. Analyze your situation and see which of these methods you can apply to your remote workers.

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