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15 July 2020
15 July 2020,

While the main objective of a conference call is to get everyone together on the same page, the challenge grows more difficult when it comes to dealing with a huge number of participants. Without proper preparation, a large conference call can be like herding cats! What can you do to avoid this stress-inducing situation? Here are 5 ways:

Have Operator Assistance

The logistics of catering to a large group of people can be complex and quite time-consuming. With our Large Conference Call service, you can opt for partial or full operator assistance. Our operators can assist you throughout your entire call experience, including greeting, screening, and gathering the details of the participants of your call, as well as manage the entirety with the Q&A and opening and closing remarks. In case of technical emergencies, you can count on the operator to be on standby to help. Our Large Conference Call service offers top-notch facilitation that allows you to focus on the more important matters at hand with a worry-free conference call solution.

Utilize Pre/Post/Sub Conference

Sub Conferences allow users to segregate presenters from conference participants. You can use pre-conference rooms for last-minute coordination and reviewing before proceeding onto the main conference line. You can also use sub-conferencing to pull participants aside in case of questions or for more confidential conversations that you do not want the main conference attendees to hear. You can then use post-conferencing to debrief the presenters after the call.

Customize Notifications

Have your call set up without interruptions. A typical conference call would inevitably have people come and go, and large conference calls could get especially difficult given having to work with more people. With that said, make sure that notifications of people joining and going are muted when a session is live. It would also be helpful to use a service that can identify participants as they come and go.

Be Faithful to the Agenda

With coordination already taken care of, be sure to set an agenda and stick to it. Get on the call earlier than everyone else! Review your objectives with the participants at the start of the call so everyone in the call is aligned and on the same page. As the call proceeds, refer to the agenda every now and then to keep the conversation in line. Just as well, you can opt to recap as you go to make sure that everyone follows as the call goes along.

Have a Meeting Summary

Much like in an in-person meeting, a concise recap of the meeting can be helpful to make sure that everyone is up-to-date. While taking notes can be challenging for a large group conference call, you can opt to record the meeting and have it transcribed so you can go through it later and extract the summary for distribution. Details of the meeting will help clear up any confusion and keep the team clear towards the objectives.

These tips ensure that your large conference calls go hassle-free and without hang-ups. With LargeConferenceCall solutions, you can stress less on the logistics and focus more on the important matters at hand.

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