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19 August 2021
19 August 2021,

The global pandemic has forced every organization to transition its operations online. This has caused a huge rise in online collaborative learning or known as ‘online groups’ or ‘online teams.’

What does collaborative learning mean?

Collaborative learning is the process of dividing people into groups and assigning them to certain duties based on their skills. It’s a method of teaching that stresses collaboration with others to improve learning.

Online collaborative learning, on the other hand, is an educational technique that stresses collective efforts of involvement through internet communication. You can easily work together regardless of location and remove the in-person issues that come with face-to-face group sessions.

Collaborative learning allows you to check progress and intervene immediately if needed to prevent issues like members not contributing or cooperating, or the project getting sidetracked or delayed. 

Advantages of online collaborative learning

1. Convenience in setting up meetings

Online collaboration allows you and other teammates who aren’t in the same location to get together easier. 

Since the majority of businesses have locations in various cities and countries, the usage of online collaboration tools is vital for keeping everyone working on a project engaged. Large Conference Call, for instance, can allow up to 5000 participants to join a meeting and listen to the presenter at the same time. With such a large meeting capacity, you can successfully set a meeting and collaborate with others wherever you are and have everyone on the same page.

2. Easier project management

Virtual collaborative learning makes it easier to handle team projects since it allows you to call a meeting from anywhere at any time. For example, when launching or analyzing a new product, the manufacturing team may be required to collaborate with other departments such as marketing and sales.

You can have meaningful discussions about the proposed product which in turn allows the person in charge to seamlessly send reports to the supervisors within the specified time frame.

3. Cost-effectiveness

You may find it difficult to find a physical place that can accommodate everyone. Businesses can utilize online learning collaboration tools to call for meetings without spending more than necessary.

You don’t need to book flights, hotel rooms, or meeting venues. You can easily arrange a virtual meeting room and invite everyone involved. Doing this, in the long run, will increase your performance and productivity while also saving money.

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Collaborative online activities

1. Solving problems

Bring together different groups and give them a problem to solve. This could include things like how to create a new product feature, what adjustments should be made to existing software, or how to start a new training program.

Outline the outcomes you want to achieve in broad terms, then delegate work to the teams. Finally, the teams will show what they’ve created, defend their decisions, and outline their strategies for completing the goal.

2. Building new products

Teams can collaborate to find important niches, develop concepts, and deliberate solutions. After they’ve presented their proposal, a question-and-answer session can help them refine their pitch by justifying their objectives and responding to queries.

3. Explaining processes to other departments

Create a presentation in which departmental teams teach the other departments about their work. They should describe their task, the difficulties they solve, and the current notions they’re developing.

Other departments will take part in a briefing session, offering their expertise to assist in the resolution of ongoing difficulties while also learning more about how the company operates as a whole.

The global pandemic has heightened the need for online collaborative learning. Leverage its advantages and your business will grow at an exponential rate.

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