27 February 2021
27 February 2021,

The use of large conference calls have become the norm in multiple companies especially those that include employees from all around the world. Not only does it include a lot of advantages from increasing affinity in the workplace but it also aids with productivity and efficiency. However, there are companies who are still doubtful about the use of these conference calls especially when it comes to security. The fear of having your data exposed to others can be a major reason for this doubt. In order to ease the minds of these people, more and more conference call services have opted to increasing security by adding unique and useful features. In line with that, here are some of the features that you might want to consider to secure your conference call:

  1. Online Registration

    As the name suggests, this feature requires the registration of participants. This feature helps you monitor the people involved in the conference call and ensure that invited participants are the only ones able to join in.

  2. Unique Passkeys

    There are cases when a participant is required to input a passkey in order for them to join a call. Normally, this requires a single passkey and is used by all the conference call attendants. Although this offers some sort of protection, it might not be enough as this passkey has a chance of being leaked to other people that were not invited to the call. In regards to this, unique passkeys have eliminated this problem. This particular feature provides a different passkey to each participant in order to ensure that only one person can use it and removes the possibility of it being used by someone else. Additionally, the host will be able to effectively control the number of participants joining the call.

  3. Roll Call

    Unlike meetings that are done face to face where you can immediately see if someone is leaving, discussions made through conference calls are a lot different. A participant may leave either accidentally due to an unstable connection or through their own volition. A way to ensure that the moderator is always aware of the current number of participants is through the feature, Roll Call. What makes this unique is how it records the participants’ voices when they’re required to cite their names as proof of their attendance.

  4. Call Hub Pro

    Last but not least, here is a feature that includes other multiple functions. Among these are recording, dial out, mute, broadcast mode, drop all, etc. This feature will aid in giving you full control of the call where you can manage its flow and stop interruptions from happening. Additionally, adding a Q&A segment will be a lot easier with the help of Call Hub Pro.

  5. Operator-assisted calls
    Last Operator assistance can also help secure conference calls. Professional operators can help you conduct your conference meeting smoothly and keep everything secure from you, from the attendee list to the questions from Q&A, polling answers, session recording, and more. Don’t ignore the many benefits of having operator-assisted calls.

Similar with face to face meetings, large conference calls also contain vital company information that should not be leaked at all costs. A way to prevent this is by making sure that the large conference call service or provider has the previously mentioned features or more. With a fully secure conference call, the company will be able to work more efficiently and effectively.

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