Conference Call Terms and Basics

What is a conference passcode?
Each moderator is assigned a unique Conference PassCode when they first set up their account. All persons attending a conference call are prompted to enter the Conference PassCode immediately after dialing into the ConferTel system. This ensures that participants are connected to the correct conference. (The Moderator must provide the Conference PassCode, along with the dial-in phone number, to all participants prior to the time of the call.)
What is a Moderator (Host) PIN?
Every Moderator selects a Moderator PIN when they first open their account. This PIN should remain confidential since the moderator is responsible for all charges related to that PIN. The moderator must enter the PIN, when prompted, after entering the Conference PassCode, in order for all participants to be entered into the conference and for the conference to begin.
What is a call summary?
Immediately after every conference call, the Moderator will receive an email summarizing details of the call, including entry and exit time for each participant.
What is Active Talker and how can I access it for my live call?
Active talker is a visual indicator of which line is responding or is creating a disturbance. Use Call Hub Pro to visually monitor your live calls and always see who is the active talker.
What is a Dial Out conference call?
An operator will dial out to designated participants. Participants will be placed on music hold or into open conference until all parties arrive. Once all parties have arrived, the conference call will be turned over to the chairperson.

Why Large Conference Call?

Who can benefit from large conference calls?
We provide value to almost every industry including but not limited to finance, healthcare, legal, manufacturing, marketing and consulting, technology, as well as non-profits. Learn more about the sectors we serve here.
What are the benefits of a large conference call service?
An advantage of using a large audience conference call service is we have the appropriate technology to accommodate a large number of users without sacrificing the quality and reliability of the call. You also have at your beck and call highly capable and flexible support from operators on standby who are experienced in running large calls.

Setting Up Your Large Conference Call

How do large conference calls work?
The process is extremely simple and user-friendly: participants call a toll-free (or toll) number and enter their Conference PassCode. All parties listen to music hold until the Moderator arrives. The Moderator controls the conference using the telephone keypad. Following the call, the Moderator receives a Call Summary email providing details of the conference.
Do I need a reservation?
Yes. We require a reservation prior to a call involving a large number of participants. This is to ensure that resources are properly allocated to your conferencing needs for a smooth, hassle-free call for everyone involved. For operator-assisted calls, simply call 866-930-4500 to speak with a friendly, professional customer care specialist.
How can I set up my large event call?
With Large Conference Call, you need only contact us and an experienced conferencing consultant will work with you on fulfilling your large volume call needs and requirements.
Are there any setup charges involved with a large conference call?
No. Large Conference Call has no setup charges or monthly fees.
Up to how many participants can you accommodate?
We can accommodate up to 10,000 participants in one conference call with advanced notice.
Can participants of my large event call register online?
Yes. We can even set up a branded registration page for you. Give us a call with your details and we will set everything up for you.
Does Large Conference Call offer international conferencing?
All of our services support international conference calling. You may request the operator to dial-out to bring international participants into conference. Feel free to contact us for more information on toll-free international dial-in numbers and rates. Alternatively, International participants may dial in using our toll number to connect to your meeting, in which case the international long-distance charges become the participant’s responsibility. If you expect foreign-speaking participants in your conference, call us about our translation services.
Are my conference calls secure?
When reserving large-scale conference calls, you are assured that the conference operator will not allow anyone other than the participants you’ve listed to enter or participate in the call.
How are conference minutes calculated?
Your billable conference minutes are the sum of the individual participant minutes, billed in whole minutes. We begin charging when each participant dials into the conference system, and stop when each line is disconnected.
Can I charge conferences to my credit card?
Yes. We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. We charge your credit card once per month, and these charges are reflected on your monthly credit card statement. Details of the conference are delivered to you after each call for your reference via the Call Summary email. For more information about billing codes and customized options, call 866-930-4055.
What if someone misses the conference call?
The Moderator may choose to record the conference call. The conference will then be available to be listened to via ConferTel’s toll-free Instant Replay line (800) 852-7509, or to be downloaded as a digital sound file. In addition, ConferTel can provide a CD or transcription of the conference upon request.
What if I need to cancel my conference call?
For operator-assisted calls, we request at least 1 business day notice for call cancellations.

During Your Call

What should I do if I get disconnected?
If you get disconnected, call the telephone number you originally used for the conference call. You will be reconnected immediately.
Is there an operator standing by in case I need assistance?
Yes. The Moderator can press 0# at any time during a conference call to request an operator. You have at your an excellent customer care team that will be standing by during your Webinar to assist you if the need arises.
Can multiple presenters talk at the same time?
Yes. OmniPresent Web Conference offers a multi-presenter interface in which more than one presenter can talk, show presentation slides and use other features simultaneously. This means that presenters do not need to wait their turn and can interact as if they were physically in the same room.

High quality and full-duplex audio can be used by as many people as you wish with no limitations other than bandwidth.
Do I need to install anything before my conference?
No, even for large web conferencing. Speakers and attendees do not need to install any software, java applet, or ActiveX. However, if as a presenter you need to share your screen or show a live application from your desktop, you will need to install a small flash player plug-in.
What if a computer does not have Flash Player?
In that rare case, the OmniPresent Web Conference login page detects it and offers an easy install of the Flash Player.
Does your desktop sharing support multiple monitors?
Yes. You may project any region or any application from any monitor or even an application or region that spans two monitors. You may also project the entire monitor.
Can you hide the list of attendees?
Yes. You have full control over what attendees can see and do in the conference room. You can also choose to hide their last name.

After Your Call

How can I track my conference usage?
A Call Summary detail report is sent out electronically following each conference call. At the end of each month the conference charges are summarized in a single monthly billing statement segregated by moderator and (optional) billing code.
How can I tell who was on my call?
We will email you a Registration and Attendance Report after each conference call. This report shows a detailed list of all the registrants and identifies who attended and who did not. It also details the mode of their attendance, whether web only or through the telephone.
Can I get a copy of the Q&A?
For operator-assisted conference calls, the operator can provide a copy of chat and Q&A logs. However, for self-directed large calls, we can walk you through how you can do it yourself.
Can I have a copy of my recording to keep?
Yes, we can convert your Recording to an MP4 file for you to save on your end.