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21 September 2022
21 September 2022,

Ten years ago, the FBI reported that the dollar losses due to internet crime totaled almost $525.5 million. Forbes says that cybercrime cost U.S. businesses more than $6.9 billion just last year. With the whole world going through a pandemic, and the rise of virtual meetings and remote conference calls, it’s no surprise that these numbers ballooned to what it is today. This uptick will likely continue in the following years.

This is why we need to be more vigilant, especially when it comes to our virtual meetings and conference calls, which can be beacons for internet fraud, espionage, invasion of privacy, and cyber attacks. If you know how to utilize secure conferencing, the more you can avoid being victims of any crime on the internet and in a virtual setting.


What is Secure Conferencing?

Secure Conferencing, simply put, is a type of video conferencing where security is the utmost priority. A secure conference call means you have security checks in place, precautions and protocols set from the beginning until the end, and particular settings and features that will help keep your meeting private. 

This kind of conference is mainly preferred by businesses in various industries such as finance, medicine,  healthcare, technology, government, or any other company that deals with a lot of private and confidential information. Since security and privacy are some of their prime concerns, it would make sense that these companies utilize secure conferencing more than any other.

That being said, it’s also good to utilize this even when you’re not aligned with these kinds of fields. You can still use secure calls for important meetings such as earnings calls, company announcements, and more. 

How Does it Differ From Regular Video Conferencing?

Secure conferencing differs from regular video conferencing in that it holds more weight, from the pressure to the consequences involved. Secure conference calls deal with a lot of confidential information. This means companies must never lack the security they need when they meet up for virtual meetings and conferences.

Essential features differ as well. In traditional video conferencing, popular features would be those that encourage engagement, such as polling, chat, screen sharing, and more. Whereas in secure conference calls, the necessary features are those that fortify the security of the meeting. This can go from individual passkeys to custom meeting links, to registration lists, and more. 

Benefits of Secure Conferencing in Large Conference Calls

As you would expect, secure conferencing is best for numerous kinds of remote meetings and calls. This includes operator-assisted financial calls, brainstorming sessions, monthly or quarterly meetings, decision-making meetings, and even large conferences within the company or with significant participants outside of the company. Here are some of the distinct benefits of secure conference calls:

  •      • Encryption – You’ll have the opportunity to keep things encrypted, which can prevent any data leaks or fraud. 
  •      More control – Secure conference calls give you more control over who is in the meeting, who asks a question, and who talks at the right time. As the manager or meeting leader, you have the chance to keep things orderly in your meetings from start to finish. This is especially true when it comes to Q&A, brainstorming, and more. 
  •      Mandatory attendance or user identification – Roll calls or registration sheets help keep track of your participants. You can ensure that all necessary participants are there and that no unwanted visitors are in your call. 
  •      Documentation – A few conferencing services also provide recording and replay options for documentation. Some also offer transcription and meeting minutes services. They all do these in a secure way as well, which can be an extra advantage for you. 
  •       Awareness – Awareness among your employees and your company also has the chance to improve. People will be more aware when sharing links or phone numbers. They’ll be more familiar with the protocols and more. 


Where Can You Get Secure Video Conferencing 

You can get secure video conferencing from professional services that offer it. Fortunately, there are various conferencing services available today. You need to analyze each one and see what conference call features and services are the best for you and your team.

For secure video conferencing, make sure you choose a service that offers multiple layers of security and privacy. Even a professional operator can help keep every conference call smooth and confidential. Large Conference Call, for example, has host pins and unique passkeys, which can help you achieve a more secure conferencing experience. Find out more about conferencing solutions now. 


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