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5 March 2020
5 March 2020,

Conference calls can be used in all kinds of situations in a business. You can use it for remote meetings with your team, remote meetings with partners and investors, earnings calls, virtual brainstorming sessions, and more. And if you’re using large conference calls on a regular basis, it may be appropriate to start developing your brand in these calls.

A way to build your brand when it comes to conference calls is by utilizing branded greetings. These are customized messages or introductions that participants hear at the start of the call. Because of this, you need to make sure that your large conference call service can provide you branded greetings and/or messages.


Why go for a branded conference call

Conference calls with branded greetings can do a lot more for a business than what you can imagine. Though it seems unnecessary, greetings are the first thing people hear from a call and therefore can set the mood, grab their attention, and establish their opinion about your company. Customers, investors, journalists, employees—all these people will be hearing your greeting, and if it’s not a branded one then you’re missing out on several opportunities. You can even miss out on having effective large conference calls. If you’re committed to developing your brand through conference calls, a branded conference call is the start. 

Here are some of the benefits of a branded conference call:

  • It can enhance and/or reinforce the image of your company
  • It will help people immediately identify your company
  • It allows you to communicate a message to people
  • It gives a sense of professionalism
  • And above all, it gives an excellent first impression

Top 3 things to consider when developing your brand through conference calls

Core values

First and foremost, you need to consider your company’s core values. Do you value efficiency? Then your greeting should be clear and concise. Is providing comfort one of your core values? Then your branded greeting should be cozy and welcoming. You can even make use of jazz music as your hold music. On the other hand, if you value creativity or originality, you might want to be more unique with how you will greet those who will join your conference call. These core values should reflect in your greetings so that your brand comes through. 


When developing your brand through conference calls, you also have to keep in mind the industry you belong to. How are your competitors and other related companies in your industry developing their branding? How will you stand out from them? And how will you stand out without straying too far from the norm? Take the time to do some research and formulate a plan that will fit into your branding. 

Specific personality

It’s also wise to consider the specific personality of your brand. If your business has some sort of a brand mascot, you can use them to establish your brand in conference calls. Some of the most popular brand mascots are Mickey Mouse by The Walt Disney Company,  Tony the Tiger by Kellog’s Frosted Flakes, Kool-Aid Man by Kool-Aid, and Colonel Sanders by KFC. Whether they represent the products or the founders of your company, these brand personalities can be used to further customize and develop your branded conference call.

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