7 December 2017
7 December 2017,

Users of large event calls are usually large or global organizations with the regular need to bring together a number of employees from different locations. It can be likened to organizing a physical get-together, such as a conference or seminar, but with greater, unpredictable technical factors at play. However, since organizations tend to utilize large conference calls on a regular basis, operator-assisted large conference calls may be too expensive an option in the long run. While opting for the self-managed route for running conference calls may be a challenge, it’s not necessarily a sacrifice of quality when done right. Here are some tips on running cost-effective large conference calls:

Know your tools and how to use them

First, identify your large event call needs, communicate your requirements and expectations of the service, and do not hesitate to lay out all your questions. A good conferencing service would recommend features that would best fit your organization’s large conference call needs and would make sure you get the most value from every session.

Apply large event training knowledge

Conference call providers also facilitate onboarding training sessions that should not only acquaint users to the conferencing platform but also guide them through the curves and the quick turns in the system. While it could be especially tricky when tackling a large number of attendees, a global large conferencing service should be able to provide the necessary expertise. With Civicom’s conferencing services, we guide you through your online account access and walk you through the call management features in our online portal with emphasis on large conferencing systems that would meet your needs every step of the way.

Take note of conference call challenges for large events

As you ease into organizing and running large event calls, take note of the challenges you encounter along the way. Touch base with your large conferencing service immediately and learn how you can address these challenges.

Last but not least, do not hesitate to ask for help or support. A reliable large conferencing service should have round the clock support before, during, and after your large event calls.

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