22 August 2017
22 August 2017,

We’re quite familiar with the features you want or need for typical large event conference calls – ease of access when dialing in, operators on standby in case of technical difficulties, secure passkeys, breakout rooms, presentation capabilities – most conferencing services tout having these features at the ready. So why can’t you just get a regular audio conferencing service to host your large event conference call?

The answer is actually pretty simple but very, very important: a regular conference call provider can only cater to a limited number of users, while a good large event conference call provider has the capability to handle a high volume call without sacrificing the quality and reliability of each of its features or services.

A capable large conference call service should have a conferencing platform that can attend to hundreds or thousands of attendees at the same time as well as be able to service multiple countries worldwide. Every attendee of your large call should be able to dial in from ideally wherever they are without difficulty. Other systems can only cater up to the double digits or only cover a number of limited areas. Regular providers might be overwhelmed by too many attendees, and callers may experience lags or be dropped out, and the agenda might get disrupted. A failed large event call is simply unacceptable considering that the typical uses of large calls are for corporate announcements, earnings calls, or town halls. This is why you should make sure that your provider is 100% reliable!

A good large conference call service should also have enough capable support on standby in case the showrunners need help. A high volume call means a large number of attendees to screen, track, introduce, segregate into breakout rooms, or queue when it comes to Q&As. Operator assistance should be flexible and handy when challenging technical difficulties arise.

Last but not least, a good large conference call service provider should have all the necessary features, provide security, reliability, and be affordable at the same time. A provider like largeconferencecall.com, where quantity and quality come together. Just because you are on a budget doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality! After all, you have an important meeting to run.

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