26 July 2019
26 July 2019,

When you work with various people from all over the globe, scheduling a meeting can be one of the most difficult tasks to accomplish. The emergence of companies providing conferencing services has fortunately made it easier for large-scale businesses with multiple locations to conduct meetings more conveniently. 

While the goal of large conference calls is to effectively connect employees from different geographic locations, it doesn’t mean that administering one and making sure it’s done successfully is an easy feat. A lot goes into organizing the call from setting it up to actually conducting it and even ending one. 

Failure to address common challenges can mean the difference between an efficient and professional meeting from a barely understood conference call that does not accomplish its goals.

Common Challenges Encountered in Large Conference Calls and Solutions:

Technical issues

Setting up a large conference call is a lot of work. From scheduling invites to sending reminders to setting up the call. Some attendees may encounter problems when registering or accessing shared documents. Hosts may also find the task of getting everyone to join the call time-consuming when it could’ve been used for other essential parts of the call instead. 


Look for a large conference call service that offers operator assistance so that hosts can focus on the agenda and content of the meeting and leave other trivial tasks to experienced operators who will assist them all throughout the entire call. 

Lack of visual aids

You have better chances of getting your point across your co-workers in a face-to-face meeting rather than virtual ones because of physical factors such as facial expressions, nuances, etc. With conference calls, you may encounter difficulties emphasizing some key points, especially to the non-auditory learners. 


Utilize visual aids.  Use screen sharing tools to make visual aids a part of the meeting. There are web platforms that allow hosts to refer to presentations so participants can better grasp what the meeting is about. Include only the most important details in bulleted or numbered lists for easy recognition. 

Background noise

Conference calls can be derailed by background noise from participants and their environments. We’ve all been the victim of someone’s inappropriate ringtone, keyboard typing sounds, crunchy lunch, sometimes even a crying baby or an overly excited dog that keeps on barking. 


Exercise call etiquette. Remind the participants to be mindful of their surroundings and preferably be somewhere quiet at least for the duration of the call. Make sure everyone knows how to use the mute button as well and opt for other interactive messaging tools should you be in a place with a lot of distracting noise in the background. 

Security concerns

There are instances where the information shared over the call is sensitive and highly confidential. Unsecured services may allow hackers to infiltrate the meeting and possibly steal classified company information. 


Look for services that have top-notch security capabilities that can eliminate the possibility of uninvited participants joining the call. 


Another common issue with large conference calls is when everybody starts giving their input all at the same time making it difficult for the host to acknowledge inputs or answer questions. 


Prevent this from happening by automatically muting participants as they join the call and then utilizing a live Q&A feature that allows participants to virtually raise their hand via a simple telephone key touch to be unmuted individually by the call operator. 


Some of the participants may miss a few key points from the call and so it is vital to be able to provide them with a summary of everything that was shared within the call afterward. This will give them something to look back to for reference and increase the chances of them accomplishing action plans that were discussed during the call. 


Seek the help of transcription services that offer audio transcriptions and summary composition outlining only the most important details captured from the meeting. 

If you’re looking for a service that can cater to all these features, Civicom’s Large Conference Call service is among the best to consider. To learn more about effective conferencing and how to utilize it to its full potential, you can read more here.

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