woman attending a large conference call
15 July 2020

How to Ensure a Successful Conference Call for a Large Audience

15 July 2020,

While the main objective of a conference call is to get everyone together on the same page, the challenge grows more difficult when it comes to dealing with a huge number of participants. Without proper preparation, a large conference call can be like herding cats! What can you do to avoid this stress-inducing situation? Here are 5 ways:

Have Operator Assistance

The logistics of catering to a large group of people can be complex and quite time-consuming. With our Large Conference Call service, you can opt for partial or full operator assistance. Our operators can assist you throughout your entire call experience, including greeting, screening, and gathering the details of the participants of your call, as well as manage the entirety with the Q&A and opening and closing remarks. In case of technical emergencies, you can count on the operator to be on standby to help. Our Large …

Preparing Your Office for the Return to Work
10 July 2020

Preparing Your Office for the Return to Work

10 July 2020,

As businesses find themselves opening back up after a few months of lockdown, prioritizing everyone’s safety is of course a given. There’s no going back to the normal we had before, and for that reason, certain guidelines and precautions have to be applied. Going back to on-site work will be tricky, and if you’re ill-prepared, you might be risking your employees’ health and safety as well as your own. Here’s how you can prepare for the return to work: 

Form a solid plan

First and foremost, you need to form a plan. Once you have the go-ahead for on-site work, take the time to strategize how you will approach this. Ask your employees how they feel about going back to the office, make sure you know and you can follow guidelines provided by the jurisdiction you are in, and think about how you will integrate social distancing and other safety

6 Tips for an Effective Work-From-Home Schedule
25 June 2020

6 Tips for Your Work-From-Home Schedule

25 June 2020,

Shifting from on-site to remote work will present a challenging task for first-time remote workers. As you slowly grasp the idea and practice of working from home, you’ll realize that your schedule and the flow of your usual workday will change. So how will you go about your day in this new situation? How will you create a schedule that will work for your new setup? Take a look at these 6 tips you can apply for your own work-from-home schedule!


Create a daily pre-work routine

Working from home means your regular schedule will not be applicable anymore. There is no need to commute, no need to take time picking out work clothes, and more. However, you still need to create a daily pre-work schedule if you want your day to start right. This pre-work routine should replace your regular morning routine when you work in an office.

What Will Meetings Look Like Post-Coronavirus
19 June 2020

What Will Meetings Look Like Post-Coronavirus

19 June 2020,

Slowly, companies and organizations in the country and the world are now opening back up and returning to the office for work. However, everything is far from normal and with certain adjustments and safeguards in place, the question is: what will meetings look like post-coronavirus?

The usual meeting setup will no longer be applicable as the pandemic stirs. Certain aspects will have to change, and new measures will need to be implemented for the safety of many. Here’s how meetings will be like post-coronavirus:

Limited in-person attendees

Capacities of physical meeting rooms will be slashed in half — a conference room that can fit up to 50 people for a meeting might only have room for 20 post-coronavirus. Social distancing has to be imposed on the daily and a crowded meeting room will not do you or your team any good. What you need to do is determine which people

Time Management Tips for Remote Workers
12 June 2020

Time Management Tips for Remote Workers

12 June 2020,

Time is harder to manage when working from home. There are a lot of distractions, there is pressure in doing and finishing tasks, virtual meetings can get difficult and ineffective—all these things can affect your remote working situation. What you need now is to manage your time wisely so that you can work properly even when you’re not in a professional environment. Here are some time management tips you can use while working from home:


Stay away from personal tasks 

Working at home can easily be distracting. House chores and personal tasks can take your focus and attention away from your professional work hours. It would help to separate work hours from personal hours so you can focus on your work in momentum. When you have dedicated work hours, avoid doing personal tasks no matter how small or simple they are unless it’s super urgent.


Make a list

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