Top Remote Working Trends and Statistics
30 November 2020

Top Remote Working Trends and Statistics

30 November 2020,

Remote work is slowly starting to take over the world as we adapt to the changes brought by the pandemic. Though working from home as a large group might be demanding, we can’t deny that it’s been effective. And as more and more businesses and organizations adjust to this new setup, new trends are emerging in the workplace and in our routines. Take a look at some of the top remote working trends and statistics here:

Remote working becoming a standard routine

The pandemic might have resulted (and is still resulting) in a lot of uncertainties, but one thing is for sure: remote work is here to stay. Right now, a lot of companies are already in favor of making remote work part of their standard routine. From a recent Entrepreneur article, a survey claimed that 70% of founders reported that after their offices reopen, they will let some—or

5 Ways to Adjust to The Future of Work Movement
12 November 2020

5 Ways to Adjust to The Future of Work Movement

12 November 2020,

These past few months have brought changes to the workforce we cannot deny nor ignore. With how the pandemic has driven the workforce into a remote work setup, it’s safe to say that a new work movement is emerging. Expect remote teams, onsite shifts, redesigned office places, and more. The question is are you fully prepared for this new kind of work experience? Here‘s how you and your team can fully adjust to the future of the work movement. 

Digitalizing work process and teams

One of the most obvious answers is the digitalization of the work process and the teams. You need to be able to function online, whether all of you will be working remotely or you’ll be implementing an alternating onsite shift between teams. This allows you to maximize your workforce and adjust accordingly to the new normal, all the while maintaining balance within the team.

Some of

How to Hold a Virtual Meeting
5 November 2020

How to Hold a Virtual Meeting: 7 Best Practices You Need To Do

5 November 2020,

As we settle in the new normal, it’s no surprise that virtual meetings are now the go-to. Whether it be video calls or something as simple as a conference call, companies and organizations now have the chance to communicate and work from home as a large group.

The problem is for some,  holding a virtual meeting is still a demanding task. It is after all a much different setup than in-person meetings. A lot can change. What you need to do is be more knowledgeable when setting up and managing your call. Here are some of the best practices on how you can hold a virtual meeting. 

Put it on your calendars

Putting your meetings on your calendars might seem simple, but it’s in fact, very effective. Not only are you setting a reminder for you and everybody in the team, but you also have a chance to attach

5 Tips to Improve Audio on Large Conference Calls
27 October 2020

5 Tips to Improve Audio on Large Conference Calls

27 October 2020,

The success of large conference calls is also highly dependent on overall audio quality. Having multiple participants in different settings may result in many audio difficulties your large conference call may face. To keep the conference line clean, merely talking clearly and intelligibly won’t get the job done. Take some extra steps to avoid audio tragedies by following these 5 tips in improving conference call quality:

1. Call-in from a quiet location

This is a no brainer. Find a location that is both quiet and echo-free. Avoid calling in from windy locations as this can cause noises in the microphone, almost blocking your voice from being understood. Don’t forget to remind your participants beforehand to do the same. Stress how important and crucial it is for them to be in a noiseless location for the call.

2. Avoid making noises

You may think the line is clear but really, maybe …

Most Common Types of Business Meetings
21 October 2020

Most Common Types of Business Meetings

21 October 2020,

For your business to function like a well-oiled machine, you need effective communication. This is the reason why meetings are crucial to your success. Even more so nowadays when most of the workforce is holding business meetings through conference calls and other virtual means. It will be wise to familiarize yourself with the different types of meetings in business communication and know how you can conduct it better.

Here are the most common types of business meetings


Status Update Meeting

Status update meetings are perhaps the most common and the most familiar among businesses, whether it be big or small. This kind of business meeting is usually formal and serious. This is where you discuss the current status or updates of projects to make sure everyone is aware of what to do moving forward. Concerns or issues regarding projects or tasks are also brought forward in a meeting

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