10 August 2018

5 Reasons Why Businesses Should Use Large Event Calls

10 August 2018,

reasons why businesses should use large event calls

About 75% of business organizations utilize large conference calls to enhance local or global collaboration for the following reasons:

  1. Prevents Communication Gaps. Large event calls eliminate geographic disparity and improve communication gaps. Employees are now able to instantly meet with their colleagues or clients up to a scale of hundreds to thousands with their mobile phones using the right large conference call provider.
  2. Boosts Sales. Regular communication efforts between management and staff from multiple branches help instill the company goals and encourages the whole organization to increase sales activities. Using technology as a management tool also enables companies to constantly inform recent sales activities and gives sales staff the opportunity to act on accounts on the brink of being lost.  
  3. Enhances Corporate Communication. Companies who utilize large-scale conference calls tend to be one of the most tight-knit organizations. Regular communication enables growth and maintains the corporate culture within multiple offices.

3 August 2018

How to Encourage People to Attend Large Conference Calls

3 August 2018,

people attending a large conference call

Communication is imperative to business success. While there are many means of communications used in business, there are only few that can bring staff or employees together to share ideas and plan business strategies – large conference calls being one of the most convenient ways. Unfortunately some people forget, overlook, or even intently avoid joining these meetings which deteriorates its effectivity. Easily avoid communication gap with these 10 easy tips to encourage people to attend your large conference calls:

  1. Getting a high attendance is possible when you consider everyone’s schedule and set your conference call at the most favorable time for everyone, or even just the majority. Avoid conflicts, especially special holidays.
  2. Develop a concise agenda and distribute it to the invited people ahead of time. Establish the importance of the large event conference call in a way that resonates with them.
  3. Only invite the necessary people or departments to

1 June 2018

Overcoming Remote Work Communication Issues with Large Conference Calls

1 June 2018,

Working remotely is convenient in so many levels for both employers and employees. However, remote or work-at-home employees may struggle with socializing and keeping up with their colleagues. The difficulty of building rapport and creating a strong working relationship is tremendous if you do not engage with colleagues in a physical setup.

The most known, effective way to communicate with your work colleagues is none other than email. It is effective for initiating discussions and relaying reminders or announcements, but the lack of proper articulation might make it confusing and ambiguous at times. There are also instances when important details may be overlooked, and not always addressed immediately. If you have company- or organization-wide concerns, hosting an event conference call and discussing it over-the-phone is a great way of being proactive – clearing things up before someone wastes time executing a misunderstood instruction.

Communicating with a large group through calls

10 May 2018

5 Tips to Improve Audio on Large Conference Calls

10 May 2018,

The success of large conference calls is also highly dependent on overall audio quality. Having multiple participants in different settings may result to many audio difficulties your large conference call may face. To keep the conference line clean, merely talking clearly and intelligibly won’t get the job done. Take some extra steps to avoid audio tragedies by following these 5 tips to improve your large conference call audio:

1. Call-in from a quiet location – This is a no brainer. Find a location that is both quiet and echo-free. Avoid calling in from windy locations as this can cause noises in the microphone, almost blocking your voice from being understood. Don’t forget to remind your participants beforehand to do the same. Stress how important and crucial it is for them to be in a noiseless location for the call.

2. Avoid making noises – You may think the line is …

17 April 2018

5 Must-have Operator Characteristics for Large Conference Calls

17 April 2018,

Having an outstanding operator is just as important as choosing the right event conference call provider for large teleconferencing needs of your organization. Large conference calls can have hundreds to thousands of attendees anywhere around the globe. This is a lot for a non-experienced host to handle on their own, which is why many organizations come to conferencing services to get the job done smoothly. Here are the must-have characteristics of a good operator for fool-proof large conference calls:

1. Exceptional Communication Skills

Conferencing operator assistance is commonly utilized for high-profile conference calls. Therefore it is vital that operators make a good impression on behalf of the host. They should have effective verbal communication skills. They know how to speak clearly and their actions convey that they are in-control. They exude confidence, can employ basic yet professional wordplay, as well as precise, intelligible speech.

2. Knowledge Retention

Diverse notable companies …

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