27 February 2021

How to Find a Better Way to Secure your Large Conference Calls

27 February 2021,

The use of large conference calls have become the norm in multiple companies especially those that include employees from all around the world. Not only does it include a lot of advantages from increasing affinity in the workplace but it also aids with productivity and efficiency. However, there are companies who are still doubtful about the use of these conference calls especially when it comes to security. The fear of having your data exposed to others can be a major reason for this doubt. In order to ease the minds of these people, more and more conference call services have opted to increasing security by adding unique and useful features. In line with that, here are some of the features that you might want to consider to secure your conference call:

  1. Online Registration

    As the name suggests, this feature requires the registration of participants. This feature helps you monitor

12 February 2021

How to Successfully Host a Large Conference Call?

12 February 2021,

Additional effort is required for an organization to be able to seamlessly conduct a large conference call. Ensuring quick information delivery isn’t enough, maintaining a high level of professionalism is also needed throughout the whole large conference call in order for it to be successful.

In addition, the right knowledge and efficient planning over hosting such meetings need to be taken into account especially when it comes to bigger events where a slight margin of trouble can affect the entire rhythm.

There are some cases when operators might sometimes be needed for an added level of assistance. However, hosting these calls on your own is also an option, specifically when you’re working on a limited budget. 

Things You Must Know and Do Before Hosting a Large Event Call

A few factors must be taken into account to ensure uninterrupted and organized large conference calls. On the same note,

25 January 2021

How to Keep Your Remote Workers Engaged in Large Conference Calls

25 January 2021,

Stay at home workers are becoming more and more common nowadays. Not only is it more convenient for the employee but the company is able to benefit from it as well since it gives them a wider selection of talented individuals. Of course, hiring remote employees also comes with some disadvantages including becoming disconnected from other people in the workplace due to lack of communication and people find it harder to stay focused as well. There’s also the possibility that productivity will decrease. In order to resolve this, companies have opted to use conference calls.

Large conference calls have started to play a huge role in aiding remote employees with their teamwork while raising their efficiency at the same time. More and more companies have started to use this method of communication due to its convenience and it helps cut back on costs in the long run. Unfortunately, it’s not

tips for choosing free versus paid large conference call services
12 January 2021

Free vs. Paid Large Conference Call Services

12 January 2021,

Large conference call services are popular communication tools for both personal and business purposes due to its convenience and advantages. Especially in a time like this, large conference calls are necessary. Through this service, you are able to hold a large conference call among your peers either for entertainment or for formal reasons such as hosting a meeting if you own a business. Companies with remote workers greatly benefit through these conference calls as well.

Given such a wide use of these services, it’s crucial for you to choose the right conference call provider. Unlike free call providers, paid call services offer subscriptions with more features that aid in improving the security and efficiency of a large conference call. Some may argue that there are services that can provide free access to all their features through advertisements. However, these providers might have issues in terms of quality or use toll

how to run board meetings via large conference calls
6 January 2021

Running Board Meetings Using Large Conference Calls

6 January 2021,

Having everyone attend physical meetings in a boardroom may be a once in a blue moon event or even something completely unachievable by international companies. Good thing it is legal to hold board meetings via conference calls (Davis-Stirling Act, Civil Code Section 4090). Whether you have board members scattered throughout different state offices or around the globe, have been implementing a work from home dynamic as a group, or have board members consistently traveling, or you simply do not have the spare time to drive in for meetings – event conference calling is the ultimate solution. Here are some promising tips on running board meetings using a large conference call service:

Disseminate a written agenda prior to the call.

Plan ahead and compile everything in a single document – that includes all agenda items, anticipated actions, as well as the person assigned to lead particular parts of the

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