4 October 2018

Advantages of Operator-Assisted Conference Calls for Large Audiences

4 October 2018,

advantages of operator-assisted large conference calls

As organizations expand to multiple geographic locations, the pressure and amount of effort needed to coordinate and implement a large event conference call builds up as well. If you’d rather turn your focus on strategizing your meeting agenda or prioritizing other important tasks in your workload, allow professional operators to expertly manage your large conference calls for you. Below are some of the prime advantages of using operator-assisted conference calls for large audiences:

  1. Online registration page setup: Instead of manually collecting information from hundreds of participants, an operator can set up an online registration page – customized with your company logo – for a more efficient and streamlined browser-based registration process, easily accessible from an email invitation, your website or even a link that you send via a text message.
  2. Dial-out to international participants: Ever have participants in hard-to-reach offices or locations where it’s hard to connect to the conference

7 September 2018

5 Things You Must Know Before Hosting a Large Event Conference Call

7 September 2018,

International conference calling is one of the greatest blessings to businesspeople around the globe. This technology allows organizations to communicate efficiently despite geographic disparities, save funds that could otherwise be spent on more ROI-generating activities, and overall make better use of time. However, large international calls are prone to more technical difficulties than regular conference calls – constant disconnections being one of the most common problem. Winging it may result to an ineffective meeting and a tragic waste of time, which is why it’s important to research if a conferencing provider can really handle large event calls. That being said, here are 5 things you must know before hosting a large event conference call:

Can my conferencing provider support large-scale international conference calls?

You will recognize if a conference call provider is strongly reliable if it can accommodate up to a couple thousands of participants without sacrificing the quality

30 August 2018

Running Board Meetings Using Large Conference Calls

30 August 2018,

how to run board meetings via large event callsHaving everyone attend physical meetings in a boardroom may be a once in a blue moon event, or even something completely unachievable by international companies. Good thing it is legal to hold board meetings via conference calls (Davis-Stirling Act, Civil Code Section 4090). Whether you have board members scattered throughout different state offices or around the globe, or have board members consistently traveling or simply do not have the spare time to drive in for meetings – event conference calling is the ultimate solution. Here are some promising tips on running board meetings using a large conference call service:

Disseminate a written agenda prior the call.

Plan ahead and compile everything in a single document – that includes all agenda items, anticipated actions, as well as the person assigned to lead particular parts of the discussion. This way, everyone knows what to expect and prepare for. Meeting agendas may

24 August 2018

Roles of a Large Conference Call Moderator

24 August 2018,

moderator roles for large event calls

A moderator has a very important role to play in terms of ensuring a large conference call’s success. Often, this consists of herding up to thousands of participants that can be daunting for beginner moderators. Take note of the following essential roles of a moderator and you will be on track towards large conference call success:


  1. Find a reliable, cost-effective large conferencing service provider that enables you to meet your communication goals. Learn all the features and functions so you can seamlessly navigate the service and maximize its potential without delays.
  2. Coordinate with speakers for the meeting agenda and time allotment.
  3. Collect the participants’ names, affiliations, and other necessary information – either as each participant joins the conference or with a registration system that the conferencing service provides.
  4. Arrange the schedule (date and time) of your large event call. Send out email invitations, reminders, and detailed instructions on

15 August 2018

How to Get Participants to Pay Attention During Conference Calls of Large Groups

15 August 2018,

how to get participants to pay attention during large conference callsDo you know what really goes on during the large conference calls you’ve been hosting? From what you can tell, they have probably been successful. But having no visual of your audience can make your assumption limited and unreliable.

It may sound easy, but paying attention to a high-volume conference call is a real bear. Participants often get caught up with other engaging yet irrelevant activities during on-call meetings. As a matter of fact, a survey concluded that 91% of employees are admittedly daydreaming, 65% are doing other tasks, 63% are checking social media or sending emails, and 55% are eating or making food whilst on call. Some are even playing video games and shopping online (25% and 21% respectively) which is a real eye opener.

Being vigilant for these disturbances adds more tasks to your plate. We make it easier for you with these tips on how to get

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