29 November 2018

Incompatible Large Conference Call Services Are Costing You Money

29 November 2018,

how large conference call services that are incompatible are costing you money

The primary focus of an organization or a company should be on what best suits their purposes. This applies mostly on the facilities that they need for their programs and activities.

To stay connected to your customers, clients or team members through audio conference calling — You should ensure the compatibility of your platform with the specific demands of each participant – also with the relevant objectives of your organization for using these communication tools.

In the same vein, the market is full of conferencing service providers. Each with different subscription offers in terms of bonus features, technicalities, logistics, equipment, security, support services, etc. That’s why choosing the right option is as crucial as conducting the conference call.

For an important event that requires the collaboration of large numbers of participants, it’s common for organizations to opt for large conference call services. But if the services are incompatible with …

27 November 2018

Benefits of Operator-Assisted Large Conference Calls

27 November 2018,

large conference call benefits from operator assistance

Large conference calling is a regular part of the workday in a growing organization. Conference calling is an essential medium of communication for many team members. But to boost a conference call’s productivity and ensure its smooth execution, certain conference call providers offer a service where a moderator or an operator can be assigned to any of your conference calls.

This is for providing you with additional assistance in handling multiple features and capabilities of your conference call platform. You can fully focus on delivering the content. This is common in large conference calls and exclusive activities, when the volume of the audience is quite tricky to handle.

What Can You Get From Operator-Assisted Large Conference Call Services?

Operator-assisted large conference call services provide multiple benefits to users especially when it comes to the mechanics and overall professional execution of the call. These beneficial advantages are:

  1. Pre-Call Assistance – You

9 November 2018

5 Solutions For Better Large Conference Calls

9 November 2018,

top large conferencing call solutions and collaboration tools

An integral aspect for ensuring a successful virtual meeting is using the right remote collaboration and communication tools. Your participants should be able to effectively use the most important features of your system. For example, if your managers and supervisors need to present reports, they should be able to do this without issue. This should also be the case when your organization needs to hold an earnings call across various regions, or if your team leads need to share their screens and guide your on-site employees and remote agents through video presentations. To help you choose the right remote collaboration and communication solutions, here are the top 5 tools or services that can definitely help you and your teams move your projects across the board:

Experience Better Large Conference Calls Using These Solutions

  1. Civicom Large Conference Call – Civicom offers a robust conferencing platform for large volume calls. It provides

4 October 2018

Advantages of Operator-Assisted Conference Calls for Large Audiences

4 October 2018,

advantages of operator-assisted large conference calls

As organizations expand to multiple geographic locations, the pressure and amount of effort needed to coordinate and implement a large event conference call builds up as well. If you’d rather turn your focus on strategizing your meeting agenda or prioritizing other important tasks in your workload, allow professional operators to expertly manage your large conference calls for you. Below are some of the prime advantages of using operator-assisted conference calls for large audiences:

  1. Online registration page setup: Instead of manually collecting information from hundreds of participants, an operator can set up an online registration page – customized with your company logo – for a more efficient and streamlined browser-based registration process, easily accessible from an email invitation, your website or even a link that you send via a text message.
  2. Dial-out to international participants: Ever have participants in hard-to-reach offices or locations where it’s hard to connect to the conference

7 September 2018

5 Things You Must Know Before Hosting a Large Event Conference Call

7 September 2018,

International conference calling is one of the greatest blessings to businesspeople around the globe. This technology allows organizations to communicate efficiently despite geographic disparities, save funds that could otherwise be spent on more ROI-generating activities, and overall make better use of time. However, large international calls are prone to more technical difficulties than regular conference calls – constant disconnections being one of the most common problem. Winging it may result to an ineffective meeting and a tragic waste of time, which is why it’s important to research if a conferencing provider can really handle large event calls. That being said, here are 5 things you must know before hosting a large event conference call:

Can my conferencing provider support large-scale international conference calls?

You will recognize if a conference call provider is strongly reliable if it can accommodate up to a couple thousands of participants without sacrificing the quality