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9 April 2020

Improving Your Work-Life Balance When Working From Home

9 April 2020,

Working from home can result in quite a distinct change in your usual work agenda, especially if this is your first time with this kind of setup. You may find yourself one day when both your work and your personal life are so meshed together. You need to avoid this, and maintain a work-life balance that will help you successfully manage both your career and your personal life. 


How can you improve work-life balance?

Having a good work-life balance can result in better productivity, less stress levels, less possibility of burnouts, and altogether a positive impact on your mind and body. You can achieve this while you work from home. 

Here are a few tips that will help you: 


Get ready for work in the same way

Remote working means more flexibility for you. There’s no need to rush into the bathroom, get ready, and drive or

employee working remotely
24 March 2020

5 Ways to Prepare Your Employees to Work Remotely

24 March 2020,

Many businesses are now turning to remote work setups as various threats take over the health and safety of workers. Whether it be because of common flu in the workplace, lack of office space, hazardous conditions, or even a deadly pandemic, remote work can make it convenient for you and your team. However, before you transition everyone into a remote setup, you have to determine both their needs and the organization’s to properly function.


1. Create an initial plan or groundwork

Getting your employees to work remotely from their homes will be a challenge. You won’t be able to achieve this overnight if you don’t have an initial plan or groundwork.

First, make sure if it’s possible for your employees to work from home. Do they have the basic equipment such as a laptop and a stable internet connection? Are they willing to work from home? You also need

man joining a virtual team meeting
20 March 2020

Virtual Team Meetings: 8 Tips to Do it Better

20 March 2020,

With the recent COVID-19 threat to the workforce, it’s getting harder and harder to communicate and coordinate with our colleagues and employees. Now that remote working is being encouraged, the solution lies in virtual team meetings such as large conference calls or web conferences. Virtual meetings are necessary now more than ever. Both small businesses and big corporations can utilize them to function amidst a pandemic.


And so, it’s imperative that you do things right in these conference meetings. You need to make sure that every meeting is fruitful, not unproductive, and is helping your business operate on the daily. Here are tips for a better virtual meeting!


Determine if the meeting is really necessary. 

First of all, you have to be sure that the meeting is actually necessary. Ask yourself some questions that will help you determine the necessity of the meeting. You can ask yourself,

secure conference call best practices
13 March 2020

Secure Conference Call Best Practices to Protect Your Business

13 March 2020,

More likely than not, all kinds of information are being discussed in various conference calls. You might talk about customary details in some meetings, but you could also talk about sensitive information in some. You might be dealing with client information, employee data, trade secrets and intellectual property, operational data, and more information that should not be taken lightly. These are significant data that help build your business, and if you fail to protect and handle them with such regard, you are putting your business at risk.


To make sure your effective conference calls are secure, here are best conference call practices to protect your business:



  • Use a secure large conference call provider


To protect your business when it comes to conference calls, you need to use a secure large conference call provider every time. To neglect this most fundamental practice is to put your company

man using branded conference call
5 March 2020

Developing Your Brand Through Conference Calls

5 March 2020,

Conference calls can be used in all kinds of situations in a business. You can use it for remote meetings with your team, remote meetings with partners and investors, earnings calls, virtual brainstorming sessions, and more. And if you’re using large conference calls on a regular basis, it may be appropriate to start developing your brand in these calls.

A way to build your brand when it comes to conference calls is by utilizing branded greetings. These are customized messages or introductions that participants hear at the start of the call. Because of this, you need to make sure that your large conference call service can provide you branded greetings and/or messages.


Why go for a branded conference call

Conference calls with branded greetings can do a lot more for a business than what you can imagine. Though it seems unnecessary, greetings are the first thing people hear from a

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