1 July 2019

Types of Virtual Meetings and Their Pros and Cons

1 July 2019,

Technology continues to pave the way for efficient means of communication within organizations. One of the many advancements is the way in which we conduct meetings. Organizations are slowly breaking free from the traditional face-to-face meetings because of the convenience and cost effectiveness for more and more employees working remotely; now, many businesses are opting to utilize virtual meetings.

Virtual meetings are real-time interactions that happen or take place over the internet or via a conference call with participants from all over the globe. This allows people involved to share and exchange data and information in real-time without being physically located in one place. This, in turn, will mean lesser costs and increased productivity. Moreover, it will save employees the trouble of having to schedule board rooms, conference areas, event spaces, travel to the location, etc.

There are several types of virtual meetings depending on the agenda of a particular …

14 March 2019

What is a Virtual Meeting and How Can You Utilize It?

14 March 2019,

The use of virtual meetings have dramatically increased over the years to the point where it now plays a key role in the lives of businessmen. These meetings are constantly used in conducting business, either to communicate with clients or collaborate with their fellow employees residing in a different country. When used properly, it’s considered as an instrument that improves a company’s efficiency and productivity.

But what exactly is a virtual meeting?

Unlike traditional or face-to-face meetings, virtual meetings can be held anytime regardless of the participants’ current location or difference in time-zones. It lets colleagues discuss their ideas with one another without having to be together physically. As a result, it saves time and also cuts back on travel costs for everyone involved. Moreover, almost anyone can use it since it only requires a stable Internet connection, webcam, and audio, either via telephone, mobile phone, or a computer.


13 March 2019

How to Prevent Technical Difficulties from Happening in Large Conference Calls

13 March 2019,

Holding a large conference call is the way to go if you plan to facilitate a meeting with a huge number of participants from various locations. Not only will it save you a significant amount of time and money but maximizing the features of a large conference call also lets you connect with participants from all over the place with just a press of a button. However, since large event calls typically involve hundreds to thousands of attendees, it might be too much to handle — especially if you’re a non-experienced host.

There are numerous drawbacks in holding a conference call unprepared. Aside from keeping your audience engaged, you should take the necessary precautions to avoid technical difficulties from happening as well. Here are some examples of technical difficulties that you may experience:

Common Technical Difficulties in Large Conference Calls and How to Solve Them

– Background Noise

Having a …

4 March 2019

How to Participate in a Large Conference Call?

4 March 2019,

Holding meetings over the phone have become the norm due to the multiple benefits that come with large conference calls. With audio conferencing, a company can cut back on costs and it’s a lot easier to connect remote workers with office employees. However, there are still a huge number of employees who experience difficulty participating in large conference calls.

Having an experienced host does not guarantee a successful conference call. The participants must also know how to properly conduct themselves to make sure live calls go smoothly. Here are some various tips that can help make the the conference a success with no interruptions in-between:

Tips for Participating in a Large Conference Calls

1. Check everything and fix any technical difficulties before the conference call. 

Having a discussion with a large group of people is difficult enough, more so, if you’re not prepared. Before starting the call, it’s important …

1 March 2019

Increase Employee Productivity from Remote Workplaces through Virtual Meetings

1 March 2019,

Increase productivity through virtual meetings


There have been several debates about working remotely and whether it does or does not increase organizational productivity. While it’s true that employees who work remotely can flexibly contribute to the business and help reduce costs, remote working isn’t for everyone and has its disadvantages as well. Of course, every challenge has its own corresponding solution. In this case, some disadvantages faced by remote working can be solved through the use of virtual meetings.

Virtual meetings have slowly become more and more common in multiple businesses. Some consider it as a tool that could further improve a company’s effectiveness when used properly whereas there are those who still remain skeptical. This bears the question, what are virtual meetings and how exactly does it contribute to employee productivity? This guide will discuss the following aspects and help you further understand virtual meetings and how it can benefit your company, just

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