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6 November 2019

How to Efficiently Manage Employees as a Small Business Owner

6 November 2019,

Employee management is a crucial component of a thriving business. This can significantly affect the engagement levels of your agents, managers, supervisors, operations staff and administrative personnel as they go about their day-to-day duties for your organization. Recent studies indicate that around 70% of all American employees in various industries are actively feeling disengaged from their duties and responsibilities at the workplace.

Another study indicates that 58% of American managers are untrained in corporate management. Don’t allow your business to be part of this unfortunate statistic. This is among the primary reasons why you should train your staff and formulate strategic ways to manage your back and front end workflow systems. You’re recommended to do this for each department of your business. Seamless integration between the different units of your organization also needs to be done. Here are 5 of the most cost-effective tactics to pull this off:



25 October 2019

Key Components of Conference Calls for Large Groups: Notice, Agenda, and Minutes

25 October 2019,

conference roomOne of the most important things to consider when choosing a reliable large conference call service is knowing that they can effectively troubleshoot or handle the technical elements of your call for you so you can focus on the meat of your meeting instead. To help you get down to the core of what really matters when conducting an effective meeting, we explore these components the notice, the agenda, and the minutes.

While these three components are usually disregarded, they are essential to conducting a successful large conference call. Master these key components and your calls should be smooth, efficient, and well-documented.


Key Components of Large Conference Calls

#1 Notice

Every conference call starts with the notice of the meeting. This is what makes it official, catches the attention of all participants, and provides them the necessary information regarding the meeting. So before going ahead and thinking of …

woman writing a conference call agenda
17 October 2019

How to Create an Effective Conference Call Agenda

17 October 2019,

Conference calls are a great way to conduct efficient and meaningful meetings when you have participants in remote locations. One way to make sure your participants know what to expect and to prepare ahead of time is by having an agenda. In addition, an agenda will help to keep the meeting stay on track and no stray away from the main objective for the meeting in the first place. Can you believe that reports show only 37% of meetings in the U.S. use agendas? That means 63% are not conducting meetings to their maximum productivity. Now, this can be a huge mistake as it can lead to wasted time, managers and employees not finishing tasks or being disrupted from their work, and of course, it can cost your company money.

Don’t try to be one of these people.

Why should you use an agenda in the first place?

10 October 2019

Tips to Avoid Wasting Time and Money on Large Conference Calls

10 October 2019,

A male employee looking frustrated while on a conference call

Just how much time do we waste on conference calls? Five minutes? Ten minutes? More? Truth is business people waste an average of 15 minutes per conference call. This involves struggling to get the meeting started, overcoming technological problems, and of course dealing with unnecessary distractions throughout the call which happens more often than not. Those 15 minutes may not seem much but if it happens in every conference call, then it can snowball into a bigger problem. According to a recent report, wasted time in conference calls costs businesses in the US and UK over $34 billion or £26 billion

Large conference calls are convenient, but if you can’t kick out bad practices and can’t seem to handle a large group of people, then you will not only lose time but also money.

Some Tips to Stop Wasting Time on Large Conference Calls:

Make your objectives clear beforehand

4 October 2019

Can Virtual Meetings Replace Face-to-Face Meetings?

4 October 2019,

one male and three females having a face to face meeting

With the continuous technological advancements being done, it is no surprise that conducting meetings have also changed drastically over time. Virtual meetings have gained popularity and are slowly being preferred because of their convenience. Despite this, some people still lean towards traditional face-to-face interactions because there are less barriers and therefore has less potential for miscommunication.

So what should you choose? Virtual meetings or the traditional face-to-face? Let’s break down their advantages and disadvantages to know more! 

Virtual Meetings

Virtual meetings, powered by technology, are truly convenient. The various types of virtual meetings can be applied to different situations and can be utilized by many people.

Advantages of Virtual Meetings

Conducting virtual meetings reduce costs. Team members do not need to travel to the office, as well as clients and business partners.  This is especially a good advantage when it comes to small businesses that are only starting out

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