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3 January 2020

10 Common Questions about Earnings Calls Answered

3 January 2020,

Whether you’re a new investor trying to explore the world of investing or a mere student trying to know more about businesses, earnings calls are a great way to start. Now, earnings calls might seem confusing, but it’s actually a great way to gather insights regarding the financial stability of various companies. To better understand earnings calls, you need to know the basics. 


Here are the 10 common questions about earnings calls and their answers:

1. What is an earnings call?

Simply put, an earnings call is a live conference call conducted by publicly-traded companies to report and discuss their financial performance in a given quarter.


2. Who can participate in an earnings call?

Earnings calls are open to the public so everyone can participate in an earnings call. However, you can expect the audience to be mostly comprised of journalists, analysts, and investors whether it be experienced

company doing the earnings call
27 December 2019

Ideal Features to Have When Hosting an Earnings Call

27 December 2019,

As the CEO or a member of the management team of a publicly-traded company, there are a lot of things to take care of when hosting an earnings call. From writing the press release to choosing the time and date, and to scrutinizing the financial report you’ll be presenting, these are all crucial details. Of course, there’s also the matter of making sure your large conference call provider can handle such an affair. 

Making sure that your conference call provider has the right features in an earnings call is a must. This will ensure that the earnings conference call will go trouble-free as you deliver your earnings report. Additionally, if you learn to maximize these conference call features, you can be certain that you and your participants will have a painless live session. 

Ideal Conference Call Features in an Earnings Call

man participating in an earnings call
13 December 2019

What are the Best Questions to Ask on Earnings Calls

13 December 2019,

An earnings call is a great tool for investors, both established and newcomers alike. The financial performance of a company is laid out and participants are given the chance to inquire about the status of the company. This is why a new investor should know how to listen to an earnings call and ask the right questions. Questions that will not only help you get to know more about the inner workings of a company, but also help you decide on your investment strategy.


Below are some of the best questions you can ask on an earnings call:

man listening to an earnings call
6 December 2019

How to Listen to an Earnings Conference Call

6 December 2019,

Listening to an earnings call is a great way to get insights regarding the financial performance of any publicly-traded company. Since this kind of large conference call is open to the public, you can get immediate data and a closer perspective on these companies. The best thing is, whether you’re someone who plans to be an investor or just someone who wants to know more about the intricate world of businesses, you can utilize these earnings calls for your own. But before that can happen, you need to know how to listen to an earnings conference call. 

The first thing you need to do is to listen to the previous earnings call of a company. Take note of the benchmarks and metrics presented there and use it later to compare to the current data. You can also read reports from various analysts or news about that earnings call to have

writing meeting minutes
27 November 2019

Good Templates You Can Use for Meeting Minutes

27 November 2019,

Whether it be face-to-face meetings or virtual meetings via large conference calls, taking good notes is a must in order to create usable minutes. These are, after all, the written records of the meeting — enumerating and describing the highlights of the session from agenda, attendees, action plan, decisions, and more.

A premade template can make it easier for the notetaker to create the official meeting minutes. People usually have trouble creating meeting minutes and choosing a format. However, with a premade template, all you have to do is input the necessary details in the fields and you’re good to go. Check out these templates we found that you can use for your meeting minutes:

Microsoft Office Templates

Microsoft Word has its own templates for all kinds of documents and among those are templates for meeting minutes. You’ll be able to see and use these templates on the Word

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