secure conference call best practices
13 March 2020

Secure Conference Call Best Practices to Protect Your Business

13 March 2020,

More likely than not, all kinds of information are being discussed in various conference calls. You might talk about customary details in some meetings, but you could also talk about sensitive information in some. You might be dealing with client information, employee data, trade secrets and intellectual property, operational data, and more information that should not be taken lightly. These are significant data that help build your business, and if you fail to protect and handle them with such regard, you are putting your business at risk.


To make sure your effective conference calls are secure, here are best conference call practices to protect your business:



  • Use a secure large conference call provider


To protect your business when it comes to conference calls, you need to use a secure large conference call provider every time. To neglect this most fundamental practice is to put your company

man using branded conference call
5 March 2020

Developing Your Brand Through Conference Calls

5 March 2020,

Conference calls can be used in all kinds of situations in a business. You can use it for remote meetings with your team, remote meetings with partners and investors, earnings calls, virtual brainstorming sessions, and more. And if you’re using large conference calls on a regular basis, it may be appropriate to start developing your brand in these calls.

A way to build your brand when it comes to conference calls is by utilizing branded greetings. These are customized messages or introductions that participants hear at the start of the call. Because of this, you need to make sure that your large conference call service can provide you branded greetings and/or messages.


Why go for a branded conference call

Conference calls with branded greetings can do a lot more for a business than what you can imagine. Though it seems unnecessary, greetings are the first thing people hear

woman in a virtual brainstorming session
26 February 2020

How to Hold a Successful Virtual Brainstorming Session

26 February 2020,

A brainstorming session is an effective way for businesses to solve problems, tackle new projects, or start a new venture. You can hold a virtual brainstorming to increase employee productivity and move the company forward. With the technology we have today, it’s certainly possible, especially for those who have remote teams all over the country or even around the world. The real problem is making sure your virtual brainstorming session goes well. To help, here is how to hold a successful virtual brainstorming session:

Send out the agenda

Just like in a regular virtual meeting, make sure to send out an agenda. Write down the topic and the purpose of your brainstorming session. This can help everyone be prepared and have the chance to think of ideas immediately. This can also help you save time, allowing for a smoother session. 

Get the right tools for virtual brainstorming

For your brainstorming

hosting international conference calls
21 February 2020

Tips in Scheduling International Conference Calls

21 February 2020,

While having remote teams has its advantages, it also has certain drawbacks that one cannot ignore. One of these drawbacks is the time differences when it’s time for a conference call. Remote teams in one country is one thing and a little easier to manage. Remote teams in different parts of the world, on the other hand, will be more difficult. If you don’t tread carefully through the multiple timezones, then your meeting might not transpire at all. You need to find the best time for a meeting for an effective large conference call. Here are a few tips to help you with scheduling international conference calls: 

Take note of the time differences

First and foremost, you have to take note of the different timezones and the time differences between your locations and the participants’. You don’t want to schedule an international conference call that takes place at the

building a remote team
14 February 2020

Tips for Building a Remote Team

14 February 2020,

Thinking of building a remote team for your own company? Now, that’s not such a bad idea. After all, not only will it be beneficial for your business, it will also be beneficial for your employees. A 2-year study showed great results in productivity when employees worked from home. At the same time, 82% of remote workers report reduced stress levels in a survey.

While it seems easy, there’s a couple of things to consider before setting the idea into motion. If you take note of these things, then you can implement a remote team that will help your business flourish. Here are essential tips to remember when building a remote team: 


Lay down the groundwork

Before anything else, you need to lay down the groundwork. Implementing a remote team needs careful planning and if you don’t establish the groundwork beforehand, the team (and most likely your company

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