writing meeting minutes
27 November 2019

Good Templates You Can Use for Meeting Minutes

27 November 2019,

Whether it be face-to-face meetings or virtual meetings via large conference calls, taking good notes is a must in order to create usable minutes. These are, after all, the written records of the meeting — enumerating and describing the highlights of the session from agenda, attendees, action plan, decisions, and more.

A premade template can make it easier for the notetaker to create the official meeting minutes. People usually have trouble creating meeting minutes and choosing a format. However, with a premade template, all you have to do is input the necessary details in the fields and you’re good to go. Check out these templates we found that you can use for your meeting minutes:

Microsoft Office Templates

Microsoft Word has its own templates for all kinds of documents and among those are templates for meeting minutes. You’ll be able to see and use these templates on the Word

earnings call conference room
22 November 2019

Best Strategies for a Smooth Earnings Call

22 November 2019,

Four times a year, at the end of every quarter, publicly traded companies conduct earnings calls to discuss their financial performances — their achievements, their setbacks, and their future plans. This is exactly why an earnings call is significant for numerous companies and businesses. This is a chance to impart their story, their success, and their goals to the public and various influential people such as investors, analysts, journalists, and more. Because of this, making sure your earnings call is a success is more crucial than ever. 


Here are strategies to ensure a smooth earnings call:

Pick the right time and date

The first thing you need to accomplish is to pick the right time and date. Earnings calls are usually conducted at the end of every quarter, usually within a month after that quarter is completed. This means that there’s a great chance other companies will have their

remote working increase happiness
13 November 2019

How Remote Working Can Increase Your Happiness

13 November 2019,

Remote working opportunities have continued to steadily grow all around the world for the past several years. A workforce research study conducted by Upwork surveyed 1000 hiring managers of randomly selected American companies, exploring different aspects of work behaviors. It indicates that small businesses and start-ups predict that 38 out of 100 employees in their organizations are estimated to shift to remote full time, part-time and casual positions over the next 10 years. This also shows that remote jobs are continuing to expand to more positions across several industries, especially in Texas and California.

Another study indicates that 91% of American employees think and feel that they’re more productive with a remote arrangement. The same report indicates that they’re also generally happier. This research was performed with the help of 509 randomly selected full-time employees across various positions at US-based companies and small businesses in a diverse range of industries. …

managing employees
6 November 2019

How to Efficiently Manage Employees as a Small Business Owner

6 November 2019,

Employee management is a crucial component of a thriving business. This can significantly affect the engagement levels of your agents, managers, supervisors, operations staff and administrative personnel as they go about their day-to-day duties for your organization. Recent studies indicate that around 70% of all American employees in various industries are actively feeling disengaged from their duties and responsibilities at the workplace.

Another study indicates that 58% of American managers are untrained in corporate management. Don’t allow your business to be part of this unfortunate statistic. This is among the primary reasons why you should train your staff and formulate strategic ways to manage your back and front end workflow systems. You’re recommended to do this for each department of your business. Seamless integration between the different units of your organization also needs to be done. Here are 5 of the most cost-effective tactics to pull this off:



man working from home
30 October 2019

7 Common Challenges When Working With Remote Employees and How to Overcome Them

30 October 2019,

Working with remote employees have become the norm as many organizations around the world compete in the global space. However, it can be challenging especially for a company with no experience in handling the remote working setup. Employers may feel uneasy and find themselves unable to cope with managing their remote staff.

Similarly, employees who are unfamiliar with the remote working setup might be unprepared and may find it hard to adapt to the new setup.

Ultimately, making sure this particular setup works falls to the hands of the employer’s managerial skill. They must know how to overcome the challenges that come with having a remote team to make the situation amenable for everyone.…

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