Townhall Meetings to Make Them Exciting
22 November 2022

10 Townhall Meeting Ideas to Make Your Meetings Exciting

22 November 2022,

Townhall meetings usually have a serious atmosphere attached to them. Since these are meetings where companies get together to discuss important updates and issues, it’s no wonder that most people think of them as strictly formal affairs. Although these meetings are more serious than your average brainstorming session, there is no reason for them to be dull. If anything, you should be working to ensure they’re engaging and productive for everyone involved. Here are ten townhall meeting ideas that will help make things more exciting, whether it be in-person or online!


Build anticipation towards your meeting

The first thing you can do is build anticipation for your meeting. Make a townhall meeting checklist to ensure you’re well-prepared. Send out invitations a few weeks before, or plan an agenda and send it to your participants beforehand. You can also highlight any specific or special segment in your town hall meeting

Best Practices for Managing Large Conference Calls
7 November 2022

Best Practices for Managing Large Conference Calls This 2022 and Beyond

7 November 2022,

The more we move forward into the future, the more we rely on large meetings. With today’s technology, it’s easier for the workforce to connect, no matter the location. Still, for the technology to work, we must do our part as well. Hosting and conducting productive large conference calls also takes some manual effort. Here are a few tips on managing your large calls in 2022:


Assess your meeting format

First, you’ll want to consider your meeting format. Not all kinds of meetings can be handled singularly. Managing a big town hall meeting differs from managing a brainstorming session or monthly meeting. You need to take these into consideration and think about how you’re going to approach them. Brainstorming sessions will generally have a lot more engagement and collaboration. Meanwhile, town hall meetings will have more information involved. 

Know your attendees

Think about the people who will be present

Call with Operator Assisted Conferencing
26 October 2022

Why You Need Operator Assisted Conferencing in This Time and Age

26 October 2022,

Quick and efficient. That’s what we always strive for when it comes to conference calls and virtual meetings. However, most teams–businesses and organizations–often don’t have the proper skill or knowledge to run big or critical meetings. Precision and expertise are needed to host conference calls like those. An alternative solution would be to get a live operator.

A live operator can help you organize and manage your business’s daily or weekly conference calls. Not only do they have the proper training, but they uphold a level of professionalism that is necessary for important calls. Here are several reasons why you need operator-assisted conferencing for your business: 


More Control Over Participants

One of the most significant advantages of having operator assistance for your conferencing is gaining more control over the participants. There’s no easy way of monitoring your participant list once the meeting commences. Too many things are happening for

employees in a townhall meeting
7 October 2022

10 Things That Should Be in Your Townhall Meeting Checklist

7 October 2022,

Employee engagement is a critical factor when it comes to a company or an organization’s success. However, recent reports say that about 51% of U.S. employees are not engaged in the workplace. This can be a potential problem. One that you should not ignore. So how can you change the tide and improve engagement and productivity among your employees? One of the ways to do that is by conducting town hall meetings. 


The Townhall Meeting Definition

A town hall meeting is a type of meeting wherein everyone in a business or an organization comes together to discuss important topics and issues within the team. This is why town hall is also known as an all-hands meeting–it brings together all staff and members for a transparent and engaging discussion. This is where managers or team leaders have the opportunity to keep everyone up to date and provide new

People in a Secure Conferencing Call
21 September 2022

Everything You Need to Know About Secure Conferencing

21 September 2022,

Ten years ago, the FBI reported that the dollar losses due to internet crime totaled almost $525.5 million. Forbes says that cybercrime cost U.S. businesses more than $6.9 billion just last year. With the whole world going through a pandemic, and the rise of virtual meetings and remote conference calls, it’s no surprise that these numbers ballooned to what it is today. This uptick will likely continue in the following years.

This is why we need to be more vigilant, especially when it comes to our virtual meetings and conference calls, which can be beacons for internet fraud, espionage, invasion of privacy, and cyber attacks. If you know how to utilize secure conferencing, the more you can avoid being victims of any crime on the internet and in a virtual setting.


What is Secure Conferencing?

Secure Conferencing, simply put, is a type of video conferencing where security is

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