Best Practices for Managing Large Conference Calls
7 November 2022
7 November 2022,

The more we move forward into the future, the more we rely on large meetings. With today’s technology, it’s easier for the workforce to connect, no matter the location. Still, for the technology to work, we must do our part as well. Hosting and conducting productive large conference calls also takes some manual effort. Here are a few tips on managing your large calls in 2022:


Assess your meeting format

First, you’ll want to consider your meeting format. Not all kinds of meetings can be handled singularly. Managing a big town hall meeting differs from managing a brainstorming session or monthly meeting. You need to take these into consideration and think about how you’re going to approach them. Brainstorming sessions will generally have a lot more engagement and collaboration. Meanwhile, town hall meetings will have more information involved. 

Know your attendees

Think about the people who will be present at your meeting. Are they engaged in the workplace? Do they tend to be disruptive during meetings? Do they usually lack energy? For your conference meeting to be successful, you need to know your participants.

Usually, you’ll encounter several common personalities in a meeting. When left unmanaged, they’ll be a distraction to your meeting. But if you know how to spot them and handle their different natures as the meeting progresses, chances are you’ll have a more fruitful outcome. 

Familiarize yourself with your large conference calls provider

It’s also best to be more prepared when handling large meetings. One thing that should always be on your to-do list is to familiarize yourself with your large conference calls provider. What are the features you can utilize in the call? How can you maximize the group calling service? Take a moment to study these features and figure out when or where to use them.

Various providers offer a wide array of features, and it’s up to you to decide which service will suit you best and help you and your team have an efficient session. Here are some conferencing features that are beneficial for various teams in 2022: 

      • Host pin
      • Unique passkeys
      • Operator-assisted conferencing
      • Screen-sharing
      • Custom greeting
      • Polling, Q&A, chat functions

Managing Large Conference Calls Blog [Infographic]

Set up a test or practice session

Apart from familiarizing yourself with conference call features, setting up a test or practice session will also be an advantage.  You don’t have to do a full-blown meeting run-through; just ensure all the elements are working properly and can accommodate your needs.

For example, you can check if the meeting can handle the number of attendees. If you have over a hundred people, you need to make sure all attendees can access the meeting. Check if the media and files you need are also accessible, and review your large presentation files for any issues.  Running a test call can also be a way to determine whether your conferencing provider can handle long meetings. Details like these will factor into the success of your large conference calls

Consider operator assistance

Lastly, you should consider using operator assistance for your conference calls. Big calls require more effort, patience, and professionalism than standard, day-to-day meetings. The best way to get help with every aspect of the meeting is by having a professional operator. See if your conferencing provider offers operator assistance. Make sure to have them by your side at every crucial session.


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