9 Common Myths About Working from Home Debunked
22 May 2020
22 May 2020,

The work-from-home set up usually has a bad reputation among businesses and employers. This is mainly because there are myths and misconceptions that surround it. Now, that most of the country is transitioning or has transitioned to working from home, it’s time to face these myths. Here’s a breakdown of 9 common myths about working from home, and debunking them if they’re true or not. 


There’s no communication

While working from home means communication is limited and not exactly the same as being in an office, it doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s no communication. You and your employees or co-workers can still find ways to communicate and work together as a team. There are various solutions such as a large conference call service that will help you talk to each other regularly while you work separately. 

It’s lonely

The lack of socialization and communication can take a toll on your new work setup and make it seem lonely. This is possible, especially when you live alone. You need to actively communicate with your co-workers, and/or find something to keep you busy and entertain you on your breaks to avoid such loneliness


The setup is difficult

If you don’t have the right equipment, solutions, and the right mindset, the work-from-home setup will be difficult indeed. Before anything else, you need to make sure that your business is ready for the change. Make a work-from-home readiness checklist, coordinate with your managers and employees, and provide employees with the proper tools they need for a smooth transition and setup. 


You don’t need to get dressed

Yes, it’s true. No one will know if you’re wearing pajamas or not while you work, which means you don’t need to get dressed. However, getting dressed for work is still advised as it allows you to have a routine much like the one you have when you go to the office. It also helps you set boundaries and make you stay professional. 


You’ll have a better work-life balance

Balancing work and personal life can be hard when you’re dedicated to your work. However, when you’re working remotely, you’ll have the chance for a better work-life balance. You can work on improving your work-life balance when working from home by practicing habits that can actually enhance your personal life all the while being a productive employee. 


There’s no need for an office

Working from home means you’re not in an office, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a designated office space. Having your own office space in your home will help you feel more comfortable and more in the zone. With your own workspace, you can focus on your tasks, avoid distractions, and most importantly, help you separate your home to your work life. 


It’s distracting

Working from home has its own ups and downs when it comes to distractions. On one hand, you can get distracted by things at home such as cooking, watching the TV, or cleaning. On the other, the lack of distraction due to socialization among co-workers can be a way for you to focus on work and be more productive instead. 


You can work anytime

Most people think working from home means you can work anytime. While this is true for freelancers and self-employed people, this doesn’t actually apply when you work full-time for a larger company or an organization. You still need to follow your regular schedule and work promptly. 


You won’t develop meaningful relationships with colleagues

It’s true that socializing is not the same when you’re working from home and not spending time with colleagues. However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t develop meaningful relationships with people anymore. You can still talk and connect in different ways. If you take advantage of these, you can form a whole new relationship with your colleagues.

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