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16 September 2021
16 September 2021,

Facilitating a conference call is an effective method for bringing employees together regardless of their physical location. Businesses offering conference calls and virtual meetings seek to continuously improve their services to meet the ever-changing demands of their clients and further attract new ones.

Practical Tips for Facilitating a Conference Call

1. Stick to the schedule

You should consider the attendees’ locations and their time zones to come up with a schedule that works best for everyone. A lot of them may have other meetings or activities for the day, so it’s also necessary to start on time.

2. Pick a proper location

Consider the surroundings or the environment of your participants during the conference call. It would be best to temporarily seclude yourself from others to prevent technical issues or distractions and risk missing important information.

3. Seek operator assistance

It takes a lot of effort coordinating attendees for large conference calls, and sometimes an inexperienced operator can mishandle the whole meeting. This is why you must assign this specific task to trained operators.

Get assistance from the right provider. Civicom’s large conference call service, for instance, is a unique audio platform that can cater to as many as 5,000 participants and more!

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4. Practice brevity

Keep it clear and concise. There are inevitable instances wherein some participants are in areas with an unstable connection, so it’s important to speak slowly and clearly.

5. Email before & after the call

Remember to send an email before and after the conference call. The pre-call email should contain the specific discussion points of the conference call so that participants would know what to expect and can prepare possible ideas that they may want to share.

The email sent after the call should include a summary of what went down. With the number of participants involved, some of them may have missed a few key points. It’s beneficial if they would be given a summary of the whole conference call that they can refer to afterward.

6. Lay an action plan

Make sure that participants agree on actionable plans before they end the call so that everyone can start on whatever was laid out and ensure that the agenda items will be accomplished.

7. Record the conference call

Attendees can review the whole conversation and the content delivered if the virtual meeting is recorded. Participants who are unable to attend the meeting can listen to the recording and receive the same information as those who were present. A recording also allows you to keep track of the meetings and confirm what was discussed and delivered.

As the world continues to live in the new normal, virtual meetings are here to stay. Facilitating a conference call will be an easy feat once you follow these tips.

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