5 Ways to Adjust to The Future of Work Movement
12 November 2020
12 November 2020,

These past few months have brought changes to the workforce we cannot deny nor ignore. With how the pandemic has driven the workforce into a remote work setup, it’s safe to say that a new work movement is emerging. Expect remote teams, onsite shifts, redesigned office places, and more. The question is are you fully prepared for this new kind of work experience? Here‘s how you and your team can fully adjust to the future of the work movement. 

Digitalizing work process and teams

One of the most obvious answers is the digitalization of the work process and the teams. You need to be able to function online, whether all of you will be working remotely or you’ll be implementing an alternating onsite shift between teams. This allows you to maximize your workforce and adjust accordingly to the new normal, all the while maintaining balance within the team.

Some of the ways you can go digital are:

  • – Utilizing a large conference call service for work meetings
  • – Using an online file management system 
  • – Using an online payroll system
  • – Hosting virtual meetings with clients
  • – Utilizing a VPN for security and privacy
  • – Using an online messaging system

Providing training or seminars

Since this new work movement is and will continue to bring changes to our lives, it will also bring changes to the way you work as well. Take for example digitalizing your work routine. Not everyone is accustomed to it. Your employees will need time to adjust, especially if using new software, program, or equipment. Because of this, training sessions and seminars will also be beneficial to the whole team. Teach them the skills they need, allow them to learn and fine-tune their routine and work process. 

Ensuring and maintaining quality

Adjusting to a whole new different situation at work might drive the quality of your products or services down. You need to ensure you’re still maintaining the standards just from before. Study your new process, and analyze if it will affect the quality of your work. If it does, make sure you know how and what to change to maintain excellence even when remote working. Remember to not sacrifice quality, whether it be the products, services, or even your customer service. 

Providing support and protection

Another way to adjust to an all-new work movement is to provide all the support and protection you can to your employees. This pandemic has taken and will continue to take a toll on people, both on mental and physical health. Let your team know that you care about their well-being, and you’re doing all you can to support them. Offer meditation or therapy programs, offer benefits and healthcare assistance, compensations, and more. 

Following and maintaining COVID-19 guidelines

Make sure everyone knows guidelines such as:

  • – Social distancing, preferably 6 feet or more
  • – Designated break or rest areas
  • – Regular use of alcohol or sanitizer
  • – Wearing face masks, shields, or any other protective equipment
  • – Reporting any symptom to HR


And of course, it’s important that everyone follows and maintains COVID-19 guidelines. These guidelines help keep everyone safe and prevent another breakout or surge. This is also a priority if you and your team will partially working on site, which means you should be preparing your office to go back to work in the new normal. You need to be able to create a safe environment so that your work will not be disrupted, and your team will not be endangered.

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