7 September 2018
7 September 2018,

International conference calling is one of the greatest blessings to businesspeople around the globe. This technology allows organizations to communicate efficiently despite geographic disparities, save funds that could otherwise be spent on more ROI-generating activities, and overall make better use of time. However, large international calls are prone to more technical difficulties than regular conference calls – constant disconnections being one of the most common problem. Winging it may result to an ineffective meeting and a tragic waste of time, which is why it’s important to research if a conferencing provider can really handle large event calls. That being said, here are 5 things you must know before hosting a large event conference call:

Can my conferencing provider support large-scale international conference calls?

You will recognize if a conference call provider is strongly reliable if it can accommodate up to a couple thousands of participants without sacrificing the quality of the call and dependability of its features. While regular conferencing services can only cater to quite a limited scope, a large event conference call provider can support smooth international conference calling in almost a limitless number of countries and territories. You would not have to worry about lags and participants dropping off your call!

Is my event conference call safe and secure?

If you have been in the hunt for a large conference call service for a while now, you probably have come across a few providers that promote secure conference calling. But have you thoroughly researched about their security processes?

A large number of participants in a call can be challenging to track and monitor. However, while convenient, a shareable or common PIN for all conference participants is not really a strong security measure. To eliminate possible eavesdroppers, there should be an option for semi-permanent, permanent, single-use, or unique passkeys that can be retired and replaced after a limited number of uses. Another plus is if you can find a platform with features that lets you monitor the participants during the live call, and then sends you a registration and attendance report after the call, to easily identify who did and did not attend your scheduled large group call.

How do I set up my large event conference call?

Sure, you can set up your conference call yourself, but it is quite laborious to set up event conference calls for a high volume of participants. Don’t hesitate to ask the provider you are eyeing to use if they have a consultant who can work with you. This also solves the dilemma of gathering hundreds to thousands of participants’ information prior the call, which is why it’s always a welcomed add-on if a provider can set up a branded registration page for you as well. Furthermore, don’t forget to inquire if they can require reservations, cater to emergency calls, provide recordings for documentation, and allow short notice cancellations, to prevent possible unfavorable surprises.

Is there an operator standing by during the call in case I need support?

Self-operating a conference call for large audiences is daunting, especially when it is your first time using a conferencing service. So, before you jump and commit to using a platform, make sure that there is some kind of a safety net or training wheels just in case of a technical glitch. You can opt for a conference call service that offers 24/7 chat, email support, and dedicated customer care associates easily reachable even during your event call, with a simple press on your phone keypad.

How will I be charged for my large event calls?

One of the most common causes of poor customer experience in any type of service is being charged with multiple undisclosed fees. Conference call services, in particular, usually charge clients by the sum of individual participant minutes, billed in whole minutes. However, other event conference call providers also bill setup fees and long-distance charges. Thus, it is only important that you discuss these matters with providers to find the best conference call service willing to work around your budget as well as your preferred mode of payment.


Not all conferencing platforms who boast “easy to use” or offer “full features” are perfectly suited for your needs. Be it basic or full-featured, remember to identify what you need from a conferencing service and find one that can address everything in your list. Spend time learning their features and how to use them, familiarize yourself with the moderator telephone controls, and schedule a demo or dry run. This will give you a better idea on which large event conference call service would work best for you, your organization, and your large audience.

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