9 November 2018
9 November 2018,

top large conferencing call solutions and collaboration tools

An integral aspect for ensuring a successful virtual meeting is using the right remote collaboration and communication tools. Your participants should be able to effectively use the most important features of your system. For example, if your managers and supervisors need to present reports, they should be able to do this without issue. This should also be the case when your organization needs to hold an earnings call across various regions, or if your team leads need to share their screens and guide your on-site employees and remote agents through video presentations. To help you choose the right remote collaboration and communication solutions, here are the top 5 tools or services that can definitely help you and your teams move your projects across the board:

Experience Better Large Conference Calls Using These Solutions

  1. Civicom Large Conference Call – Civicom offers a robust conferencing platform for large volume calls. It provides the capability for growing or large organizations to accommodate a huge volume of callers in a single virtual meeting, unlike other free conferencing services that tend to be unreliable for large calls and offer very limited features. Large Conference Call offers affordable and secure conferencing and can accommodate up to 3,000 participants and more with notice.
  2. Google Drive – This is a popular data storage and file sharing tool for virtual meetings, remote presentations and conference calls. Google Drive provides excellent storage space for documents. It also permits the use of spreadsheets, drawing and presentations.  With capabilities to upload, share and jointly edit files, this is a useful tool for virtual meetings and remote collaborations.
  3. Basecamp – One of the best project management tools for remote collaboration arrangements according to many users. Basecamp aids in task timing, file uploads and provides seamless integration features with other apps. It enables users to see what needs to be done and on what time. It also provides accountability on tasks.
  4. Trello – This application allows users to collaborate with team members remotely. However, it doesn’t integrate with many apps. This tool uses board lists and cards to manage work. It’s also a free software product, but does not offer time tracking.
  5. Slack – This is a communication platform for team collaboration. It’s key for making virtual workers pay attention. It provides messaging functionality, instant notifications and also supports integration features with a number of diverse collaboration and communication apps like email or even CRM.

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