5 Must-have Operator Characteristics for Large Conference Calls
11 August 2020
11 August 2020,

Having an outstanding operator is just as important as choosing the right event conference call provider for large teleconferencing needs of your organization. Large conference calls can have hundreds to thousands of attendees anywhere around the globe. This is a lot for a non-experienced host to handle on their own, which is why many organizations come to conferencing services to get the job done smoothly. Here are the must-have characteristics of a good operator for fool-proof large conference calls:

5 Must-have Operator Characteristics for Large Conference Calls infog

1. Exceptional Communication Skills

Conferencing operator assistance is commonly utilized for high-profile conference calls. Therefore it is vital that operators make a good impression on behalf of the host. They should have effective verbal communication skills. They know how to speak clearly and their actions convey that they are in control. They exude confidence, can employ basic yet professional wordplay, as well as precise, intelligible speech.

2. Knowledge Retention

Diverse notable companies utilize operator-assisted conferencing all the time. It is only sensible for an operator to have a sharp memory, and quickly learn multiple company profiles for multiple large event calls. Operators must also be attentive listeners with good knowledge retention. Instructions from different clients should not be confused with each other. Being complacent is a threat to the success of large conference calls.

3. Reliability

In the case of technical glitches, it is extremely important that operators are reliable – meaning they should be quick to resolve issues without sacrificing high conferencing quality. They should not leave the participants waiting for too long. A good operator should be a creative problem-solver, someone willing to go the extra mile. Whatever the issue is, handling emergency conference situations should be part of an operator’s expertise.

4. Organization

Operators take care of your large event conference calls from start to finish. That includes greeting participants, gathering names and affiliations, managing the question-and-answer, and even providing the attendance list for you. With the volume of responsibilities on their plate, an operator should have excellent organizational skills as well as the capacity to juggle multiple works without overlooking a single task. One should have the ability to take notes efficiently while attending to the client’s needs. A large number of participants can be intimidating, but a strategic organization helps reduce errors and cringe-worthy failures to deliver great service.

5. Flexibility/Adaptability

A high-skilled conference call operator is flexible and quickly adapts to diverse people and situations. Their leverage is the ability to keep a positive outlook and handle upset customers any day. For instance, those who are not so tech-savvy will have problems here and there, so operators should be patient and remain calm under any circumstances to keep the large meeting at hand under control.


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