Ongoing Secure Operated Assisted Financial Calls
30 August 2022
30 August 2022,

Despite being one of the factors that boost sales, partnership, and business, financial calls also pose a security risk. Personal financial calls, investment calls, quarterly earnings calls, financial reporting, board meetings, and other internal conference calls all deal with important information. This may include financial statements, quarterly earnings and performance, and more. Money is not a light topic when it comes to these kinds of meetings and conferences. It’s crucial that you have the security and the privacy you need when hosting and conducting these kinds of calls. 

This is where a secure operator comes in.

There are large conferencing providers that also offer secure operator assistance when needed. These operators can help you manage your financial calls and help keep any information private. They’ll be with you throughout the call to make sure that no one disrupts you or that no outsiders can listen to your calls and leak them. 

Take a look at a few benefits of secure operated-assisted financial calls:


Unique Passkeys

Instead of having a common passcode that all call participants can use, you can use unique passkeys for each participant. Your secure operator can help you track these unique passkeys and identify every participant that comes to the call. This is one easy way to ensure that no uninvited or hostile guest ever interferes with your financial call. 

Call Monitoring

Secure operators also have the ability to take security and privacy to the next level. They can do online call monitoring and control. With the right platform and solution, operators can identify and keep track of participants, facilitate Q&A sessions, pollings, surveys, and more.

Extra precautions like this will help you keep the call confidential and orderly. For example, earnings calls may be open to the public, but keeping things in order is still necessary. Operators can help facilitate the live Q&A and make sure important investors and media professionals are present in your call.

Some platforms also let the operators lock your conference call. This means no one else will be able to enter the call even when late participants have 


If your secure operator-assisted invested calls require registration, your secure operators can easily take care of that for you. Registration is another way to track your call participants and document your financial call.

You can easily send the registration page to your participants’ emails, calendar invites, or simply as a pop-up on a webpage. Your operator can then take care of the rest–exporting the list before the call, as well as checking and cross-referencing the registered names to the actual participants present on the call. 

Participant Count and Roll Call

Apart from registration, you can also take advantage of participant count and roll calls from your secure operator. If you request it for your secure operator-assisted financial calls, they can do a quick participant count or a roll call before the session officially starts. This is particularly beneficial for large conference calls within your company, client or investor calls, and more. This way, you can ensure that every person is accounted for and take note of any absences. 


Getting secure operator-assisted financial calls is easy if you have the right conferencing platform and operator assistance to accommodate your needs. Large Conference Calls is here to help with any conference calls that deal with a high volume of participants and highly sensitive information. Conduct your remote meetings and conference calls with confidence now!

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