7 December 2018
7 December 2018,

10 tips for better and easier large conference calls

Companies are switching to conference calling as an alternative means of communication. However, most employees are not knowledgeable about it which causes them to end up multitasking during a large conference call.

In order to aid these types of employees, here are ten ways to make conference calls easier and faster:

  1. Choose the Correct Large Conference Call Service – Frequent users of call conferences understand better than anyone how an awful conference call service makes it hard to organize a quick meeting. Cooperating with employees and choosing a proper conference call provider is a must.
  2. Familiarize Oneself with the Conference Calling Software – For those who are using conference calls for the first time, make sure to set up a practice session. Learn how to use all call conferencing features such as the broadcast mode, mute all, dial out, record, and the like. Being familiar with the software will help prevent mistakes from happening during the call.
  3. Reduce Conference Group Size – Event conference for small groups reduces distractions as well as the overcrowding effect on the conference call service. Always limit the group to manageable sizes for this will mean a reduction in multitasking, unwanted conversations, and external noise. At the end of the day, these meetings will be more efficient.
  4. Send Out the Meeting Agenda Beforehand – A meeting agenda provides an order of activities to make call participants become more comfortable and familiar with the topic and its segments. They will know the duration of the meeting, as well as the dos and don’ts. This can also reduce anxiety among participants, making everyone calm and relaxed.
  5. Remember the Details of the Last Conference Call – Always save notes of what was presented in earlier call conferencing sessions. A revisit before the actual meeting could be crucial as call participants could use the viewpoints of the previous meetings. To be on the safe side, record all important meetings for this can be used as references.
  6. Be on Time – Punctuality is fundamental for a successful call conferencing session. Arrive early and set things up while using the time to fix technological issues. Make sure to have the right dial-in number and passcode for meetings.
  7. Assign Key Participants to Take the Lead in Certain Discussion Topics – Delegating lead roles to certain participants for particular topics can streamline the entire experience for everyone. For example, assign the marketing manager to direct conversations about any marketing-related updates, while the senior Web developer can handle discussions related to recent Web platform upgrades.
  8. Don’t Over-Manage Discussions – There is a possibility of running out of words if a host keeps on debating for the better part of the discussion. Instead of trying to solve everything, let the call participants discuss the issue. Be a more effective listener than a talker.
  9. Include Breaks During Conference Call Sessions – Integrate quick 5-minute breaks after lengthy discussions in the conference call. This will allow participants to refresh themselves, re-collect their thoughts, and think of better ways to communicate their insights. This can also significantly add to a more organized discussion for every participant in the conference call.
  10. Keep it Short & Sweet – Keep the call conferencing sessions brief and direct. No one wants to spend the better part of the day in a conference call. Besides, long meeting derails the participants’ focus. They tend to get bored and are distracted by other things.

Conference calling can be productive and efficient for businesses. To make them easier and faster, consider the above-mentioned points. Do not give call participants a reason to unnecessarily multitask or get distracted because of disorganized conversations while in a conference call.

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