Townhall Meetings to Make Them Exciting
22 November 2022
22 November 2022,

Townhall meetings usually have a serious atmosphere attached to them. Since these are meetings where companies get together to discuss important updates and issues, it’s no wonder that most people think of them as strictly formal affairs. Although these meetings are more serious than your average brainstorming session, there is no reason for them to be dull. If anything, you should be working to ensure they’re engaging and productive for everyone involved. Here are ten townhall meeting ideas that will help make things more exciting, whether it be in-person or online!


Build anticipation towards your meeting

The first thing you can do is build anticipation for your meeting. Make a townhall meeting checklist to ensure you’re well-prepared. Send out invitations a few weeks before, or plan an agenda and send it to your participants beforehand. You can also highlight any specific or special segment in your town hall meeting so that your attendees have more to look forward to.

Assign a good MC

Having a good host for your meeting can instantly change everything. A good master of ceremonies can set the tone for the meeting, keep participants in check, engage with the audience, and make sure that the meeting follows the agenda. Assign an MC and pick someone from your team who is personable and energetic to keep things flowing throughout your meeting. 

Have a meal at the meeting

Another good way to keep the town hall meetings light is by transforming them into luncheon meetings. Whether you’re meeting online or face-to-face, having meals during meetings will give them the atmosphere of a simple get-together and the idea that you’re sharing something as a group. 

Interview an employee

Interviewing an employee also helps to keep things entertaining and informative at the same time. You can pick someone who has contributed to a big project you’ll discuss at the meeting. Take this opportunity to ask related townhall meeting questions, get to know them a little better, and gather other important updates. 

Use fun GIFs and visuals

Your townhall meeting format doesn’t have to be so formal all the time. You want your audience to feel relaxed and at ease so they can engage with you more easily. To achieve this, you can use fun GIFs and visuals in your presentation. These will help you break free from the formality of the meeting and keep everyone’s attention.

Use polls

Polls are always a surefire way of encouraging engagement among your audience. Use polls as an icebreaker for the meeting or as a means to gather data.  You can also use them to get more townhall meeting ideas or for some non-crucial matters in the office. 

Play music

You can also play some music throughout your town hall. Music can make meetings lively and keep everyone energized. So if you’re expecting your town hall meeting to be longer than usual, it’s best to play some tunes. The best part is this tactic can work with both in-person and online town hall meetings. 

Get HD recording

Recordings also play a central role in your town hall meetings. HD recordings are a great way to ensure your team doesn’t miss out on any townhall meeting topics, decisions, updates, and more. It’s also quite beneficial for those who were unable to attend the meeting in the first place. If your conferencing provider offers HD recordings, make sure to take advantage of that.

Present awards at the meeting

To keep everyone engaged and involved throughout your meeting, you can also present awards at the end. This is the perfect opportunity for you to acknowledge your team members’ great efforts and hard work. You can even create fun, special awards like “Best Dressed” or “Always On Time”. Not only do awards entertain, but they also make employees feel valued. They’re evidence that you know your team and you’re familiar with all their contributions to the workplace.

Utilize a reliable conferencing solution

And, of course, don’t underestimate the importance of using a reliable conferencing solution. They’ll have the best features and services you need, making your meetings all the more exciting and engaging. If you’re still deciding which conferencing provider to use, look for a breakdown of conferencing services and features to help you with your decision.

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