avoiding loneliness when working from home
24 April 2020
24 April 2020,

Working from home is usually favorable since it’s beneficial to employees in a lot of ways. However, working from home for too long can affect your mental health negatively. If you’ve been working from home for quite some time now due to a global health issue or you’ve been working remotely for a few years now, you might start to feel isolated and you’ll be prone to loneliness. 


You have to think about your mental health. Here are 10 tips to help you avoid loneliness when working from home:



1. Make plans after work


Working from home might feel like you’re always on and ready for work. Pay attention to your personal life, too. Make sure you have plans after work, so you can focus on your personal endeavors. Cook for your family, read a book, paint. Whatever it is, it can help improve your work-life balance as well. 


2. Listen to podcasts


While working, you can entertain and even motivate yourself by listening to podcasts. Podcasts are entertaining and informative and can keep your mind running while you work. These can range from different topics including psychology, motivational talks, music, TV shows, and even true crime.


3. Work out or do yoga


Since you won’t be commuting, driving, or walking to an office anymore, you’ll be doing less movement and exercise. Before or after your shift, you can do a simple workout or yoga. Not only will you strengthen your muscles and improve your core, you will also have the chance to clear your mind and even relax. 


4. Maximize large conference call features when communicating with the team


When it comes to communicating with the team, make sure you maximize all the features of your large conference call service. Top-notch conferencing features such as broadcast mode and call monitoring platforms will help you conduct effective virtual meetings with a much more engaging conversation with your team. 


5. Attend online classes or workshops


You can also attend online classes or workshops in your spare time. Being isolated in your house after working from home can be dispiriting, but it doesn’t have to be unproductive. Online classes, workshops, or even seminars can help you stay at the top of your game and help you grow as an individual. 


6. Watch your favorite shows or movies


If you’re feeling too stressed or down, you could always rely on your favorite shows and movies to lift your spirits up. The best thing about it is, with the numerous streaming sites available in the palm of your hands, you’ll have no trouble getting access to your favorites.


7. Talk to friends and family


Of course, you also have to keep interacting with people even when you’re stuck at home. Talk to your friends and family to bond and catch up with them. Their company will prove the comfort you need, especially when your spirits are particularly low. 


8. Read books


Reading is one way to pass the time or to temporarily escape any stress or feelings of loneliness. You can read self-help books for self-improvement or you can read fantasy fiction books for entertainment. Whatever you read, it will help you cope and also help you enhance your mind. 


9. Chat to your co-workers regularly


Chatting with your co-workers regularly can also help. It’s also better if you try to talk about things other than work-related topics. If you talk about casual things such as hobbies and passion among other things, you will connect with them and forge a deeper relationship. 


10. Stay away from social media


As fun as it sounds, social media may not help you keep away the blues when it comes to being isolated and working from home. More likely than not, social media will drag your spirits down even lower. Several studies have already shown that too much Facebook usage can affect your happiness, and that the internet has a negative toll on mental health. 


Don’t forget to take care of yourself when you work from home, especially when it comes to your mental health!

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