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7 October 2022
7 October 2022,

Employee engagement is a critical factor when it comes to a company or an organization’s success. However, recent reports say that about 51% of U.S. employees are not engaged in the workplace. This can be a potential problem. One that you should not ignore. So how can you change the tide and improve engagement and productivity among your employees? One of the ways to do that is by conducting town hall meetings. 


The Townhall Meeting Definition

A town hall meeting is a type of meeting wherein everyone in a business or an organization comes together to discuss important topics and issues within the team. This is why town hall is also known as an all-hands meeting–it brings together all staff and members for a transparent and engaging discussion. This is where managers or team leaders have the opportunity to keep everyone up to date and provide new information. 


Why Are TownHall Meetings Important

Town hall meetings are essential for a couple of reasons. Ultimately, it adds to the betterment of the company in several ways. 

  • Transparency in the workplace – First and foremost, town hall meetings promote transparency. Managers have a chance to announce updates and new information regarding the company. This way, everyone is more aware of where the company stands, its goals, and more. 
  • Giving feedback – This kind of meeting is also a great way to provide feedback to the managers and team leaders. Employees can give honest comments and contribute more to what’s happening every day. 
  • Making contributions known – An all-hands meeting is an opportunity to show appreciation to employees as well. Managers will be able to highlight employees who have done well or made a major contribution to a project or the overall business. 
  • Reinforcing company culture and values – This meeting can also be used to reinforce culture and values to everyone. Leaders can remind employees of what the company stands for and what they do to keep everyone engaged in the culture. 
  • Improve teamwork and collaboration – With everyone together in one place (even remote employees), you have the chance to improve teamwork and collaboration. You can communicate with each other and foster relationships further. 


10 Things That Should Be on Your Townhall Meeting Checklist

For an effective town hall meeting, you need to be prepared. Here is a checklist so you can set up and get through the meeting without a hitch. 

    1. Conferencing provider – First and foremost, you need to check your conferencing provider. If you are holding a big town hall meeting with onsite and remote employees, you need a reliable conferencing solution for your session. 
    2. Security measures – Sharing confidential or sensitive information will be unavoidable. You need to put security measures in place and utilize secure conferencing
    3. Presentations – If you need to show any slides or documents for the meeting, get them ready. Feature new updates, industry insights that your people need to know, new goals for the quarter, and more. 
    4. Agenda and timings – It also helps to go over an agenda and set your timing. Allocate a specific amount of time for every item on your list, so the meeting doesn’t go to unrelated topics. 
    5. Milestones and Good news – You should also take some time to celebrate. Share the good news and milestones with the team, and let them know all of their efforts do not go to waste. 
    6. Business updates – Now, this is a major part of the meeting. List down the business updates that everyone needs to be aware of so that they’re caught up with the progress within the business.
    7. Q&A – Remember to open the floor for a quick Q&A. Answer any questions and clarifications, and you can even ask for feedback yourself.
    8. Action items – Action items are also important, so make sure that you take them down as the meeting progresses. At the end, do a quick recap, so everything is clear. 
    9. Fun activities or icebreakers – Again, this meeting is a good chance to engage with others and build community. Throw in a couple of activities or icebreakers to help lighten the mood and make everyone comfortable.
    10. Test runs – And, of course, don’t forget to do a test run. Make sure you have everything you need, that the time and date are set, and that your conferencing provider will be able to accommodate your town hall meeting needs.


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